How Do You Like These Flying Apples?

Gravity Rush, née Gravity Daze in its native Japan, is a stunner. So is this ad, which features a schoolgirl, an old lady and floating apples.

Sony Computer Entertainment sent sister site Kotaku Japan an apple to promote the game. Check out photos in the gallery and more in the link below. Slated for a February release, Gravity Rush features a gravity control mechanic that allows players to fly and walk up buildings.

SCEの新しいマーケティング。りんごづくしな『GRAVITY DAZE』新PVが公開(動画あり) [Kotaku Japan]


    Never heard of this game until just now. From the brief gameplay glimpses though, it looks really good. Now, if only I was willing to shell out the eleventy-squillion dollars for a Vita.

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