How Much Junk Gets Uploaded To YouTube Every Second Of The Day

Trailers. Walkthroughs. Cat videos. Whatever it is you waste your time watching on YouTube, have you ever considered the sheer scale of content being uploaded to the server?

YouTube has, and has put together this awesome site to help you visualise it. Basically, every second that passes in the real world, an hours' worth of content is uploaded to the site.

One Hour Per Second [YouTube, via Super Punch]


    How Much Junk Gets Uploaded To Kotaku Every Second Of The Day

      I found it interesting.

      Also, why do you use a capital letter at the start of every single word???

        Look at the post every word in the title is capitalized


        There's nothing wrong with this article aside from the fact that it's only really a repost with a 1-minute piece of text, I was referring to some of the other junk Plunkett posts.

      depends on how much you post comments?

        haha :D

        I enjoyed it and probably would of never seen it if it wasn't for Kotaku. Don't like it? Then don't click on it.

    The reason Kotaku posts shit like this is cause they get paid for every page visit.

    Ignore it and maybe it'll go away

      Except that's not how kotaku AU works

      Since they are owned by allure media as opposed to kotakUS which is gawker

        Stupid publish button

        ... From memory. It's kotaku AU's choice I believe as to what they do and dont repost though I'm not sure how payment works in that case.

        There's also the problem that a bunch of the US posts could based on the header actually have decent content in them they are just far and few between

      Do advertisers still pay per page visit when visitors are rockin' AdBlockPlus?

    You wanna know why the internet is as big as it is? For every website hosting content there are three sites trying to visualize it in some way. :/

    Original content be damned, we live in spamworld.

    Whoah, cockroaches are hard little buggers! I mean, I knew the stereotype, but I assumed that was more because hitting them with your thong was impossible, not because they were that hardy!

      Ah, 'hardy'. Such a seldom used word, yet so great when used to reference tough-as-shit bugs that just won't die.

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