How Not To Leak A Sony Prototype Online

If you ever plan on uploading prototype pics onto the internet or sending Kotaku secret factory photos, there's one thing you must remember: modern day electronics have reflective surfaces.

Codenamed "Pepper", the Xperia MT27i's newly leaked specs aren't nearly as impressive as the rumoured specs for the Xperia LT28at, Sony's upcoming "super phone": 3.7-inch display and 5MP camera as opposed to the LT28at's rumoured 4.55-inch display and 13MP camera.

Japanese web forum 2ch was quick to point out that the individual who leaked the photos appears in the leaked photos. His reflection is visible in the photos.

2ch commenters assumed that the individual snapped photos in a Chinese Sony factory, but with CES around the corner, these could have been taken anywhere. (2ch also largely derided this Xperia as "not cool".)

Previously, a worker at one of Sony's Chinese factories apparently leaked the first PS3 Slim photos back in May 2009. The PS3 Slim, however, didn't have a shiny surface, sparing that mole internet infamy.

ソニー・エリクソン未発表の Xperia シリーズ [2ch]


    Now my Arc feels outdated!
    Oh well..

    Now my X10 feels outdated. Oh hang on, it always was.

      Tell me about it... I bought my x10 a month before the xperia play came out. Its going to be a long 24 months

    Zoom and enhance!

    I hate the stupid reflective screens they put on everything, now. Form before function? No thanks.

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