How To Make Your Skyrim Map Better: BLOOD

Fake blood, that is. Skyrim player and prop maker Shannon Clawson decided to modify the map bundled with The Elder Scrolls V. Out came the sandpaper, fake blood, and fire.

Add an old frame and bam you're done!

"Project time was less than an hour," Shannon wrote. "Well worth the effort." And yes, Shannon is well aware that blood oxidizes and went with the "fresh blood" look.

Skyrim Map Modified [The Replica Prop Forum]


    Dried blood is brown not red

      "And yes, Shannon is well aware that blood oxidizes and went with the “fresh blood” look."

    Yeah, because burning a hole in it and menstruating on it makes it better.

      If I were a female I would fix every problem in this fashion

    mehh, if it was like spashed blood vertically it would look alot better.
    That just looks like a shit stain.

    it would have looked even better without the big hole in the middle.

    Tough crowd..

      Well if she'd made the map herself people would probably be a bit more impressed but all she's done is do something most people would've done as a primary school project.

    Wow, that's stupid/pointless.

    Not bad, I was wondering what to do with my Skyrim map.

    Thanks for the idea Shannon.

      I wont make it looks like that though...

        Yea, you could burnt he whole thing to make it look better than that.

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