How To Stop Yet Another Resident Evil Flick From "Definitely" Happening

The Resident Evil movies make money. That's why Hollywood keeps on making them. That's why there's the upcoming (and Sony hardware-filled) Resident Evil: Retribution. You can bet that, unless nobody sees Retribution, there's going to be another one.

According to Resident Evil: Retribution director Paul W.S. Anderson, early on there was talk about shooting Retribution, the fifth RE flick, and the still unannounced sixth film back-to-back.

"But if we made another one I do know where it would go," Anderson told website Bloody Disgusting. "And obviously it would be great to do two full trilogies and just bring everything to an end."

Meanwhile, the movie's producers hinted that a prequel, instead of a sequel, could be in the works — or even spinning out another character.

When asked if that meant Anderson was going to make another Resident Evil flick, he replied, "Yes. Definitely. Unless of course no one goes to see this one."

The fate of yet another Resident Evil movie is in your hands theatergoers!

Returning Heroes And Villains [Bloody Disgusting]


    Im no huge fan - but the movies are enjoyable, if mindless. The fourth one was quite dreadful, but the others weren't awful. Just not very R.E vibe.

    Ashcroft fails again.

    Thought the first one was really good, then it went all stupid after that

    Hey Ashcraft,

    I really enjoy the Resident Evil movies. I hope they make 19 more.

    If you don't like them, don't watch them, fucko.

    pretty sure the nuke at the end of the last one had a 3-digit PIN, that's worse security than my savings card!

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