Hurry Up And Buy This Serious Sam Pack!

Like Serious Sam? Alright, I'm going to assume you answered 'yes', because Indie Royale is currently running a series of 'Lightning Round' bundles and first up is a hefty Serious Sam pack.

The pack contains...

— Serious Sam: The Random Encounter — Serious Sam: Double D — Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack — Serious Sam: The First & Second Encounter

For those who don't know how Indie Royale works, it's relatively simple. There's a minimum price, which is constantly fluctuating. You have to pay more than the minimum, but if you pay a lot more than the minimum, you can help reduce the minimum price for others. But the price is increasing constantly. The longer you put off buying it, the more it costs!


    Bought it the second I got the email at 4am.

    You forgot the bonus game. Serious Sam: The Greek Encounter!

    This just says Serious Sam: The First & Second Encounter, does that mean the HD remakes or the originals?

    I couldn't find out on the website. :(

      Only the classic ones.

    That's not the proper way to hold a minigun.... just saying.

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