I Am Alive Gameplay Footage Climbs Out

Those familiar with adventure game Uncharted will notice something familiar about I Am Alive — it's climbing gameplay.

Kotaku's I Am Alive preview should shed more light on what to expect when Ubisoft releases the game sometime early this year.

Until then, enjoy this brown gameplay footage from CES.

I Am Alive - Climbing Gameplay (CES 2012) [YouTube]


    Aw bruz, looks at those cloth physics. Got a little bit of a chubby over them

    Lighting Reflections and Cloth PHYSICS!

    Not a fan of the washed out art direction, but that's just a personal thing. The game itself looks pretty solid, though.

    First they diss out PC gamers calling them all Pirates now they PIRATE the Unchartered gameplay hehe.... ironic

      Wow, that's a hilarious observation.
      completely incorrect of course, considering the length that this game has been in development for.

        Except they've changed the gameplay and game mechanics almost all the time.


    It may be brown, but damn does this game ever look damn pretty!

      PS. what its it with people in all these games and being able to climb shit, that normally people probably wouldn't be able to climb, with complete bloody ease

        agreed. I wanted him to take off that coil rope, weigh it in his hand, look about for something to throw it over, put it back, complain a bit about having to climb bloody piping -again-, and then kinda of tentatively reach out and give the pipe a yank to make sure it would take his weight and then complain some more and grunt a lot as he starts shimmying along.

        I wanted him to curse and yell as the pipe went out from under him.

        Absolutely serious here. Having a human being leap like a freaking monkey onto a bit of dodgy pipe attached to a collapsed building and just start madly climbing away has a negative realism index. If he had started juggling with his feet I would not have been surprised.

        And then music picks up as he turns the corner like an action movie! I was expecting helicopters to crash and explode, gunfire, missiles, marines rappling down the side of the building with machine guns and american flags.

        Honestly - they expect to take the genre in a new direction, do something worthwhile and 'real' and then undermine it at every single turn.

        All my ranting aside I would probably play it if it came out on PC.

    Hopefully a game to get excited about that doesn't have a 3 in it's name... except for Max Payne 3 of course....

    flap flap flap goes the cloth.

    Shame it's Ubisoft, this could be a good game.

    Without some kind a of a grip meter, a la Shadow of the Colossus, these climbing sections in games are pointless. Being able to take your time and just hold on forever takes away all the excitement, tension and skill. Along with any feeling that you're in life threatening predicament.

    It's one of the worst exponents of gameplay hand-holding and continues to make the Uncharted games much, much less engaging.

      There's what I presume to be a grip meter. The white bar up the top starts ticking down as soon as he starts climbing.

    Hmm, this might have impressed me more if the climbing section didn't look like he was just having a leisurely stroll along the wall. There was no impression he was climbing or holding onto the ledges or even exerting any effort, just pre-canned animation transitioning from one grippable surface to another. Hopefully it's because it's still in development, I had hoped by now Ubisoft would be the king of climbing simulators.

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