I Should Be Much More Excited By A Live-Action Chun-Li Versus Cammy Battle

Dominique "Chun-Li" Vance and Lane "Cammy" Kwederis do a fine just looking and acting their roles in Eddie Lebron's live-action ode to Capcom's Street Fighter franchise. Unfortunately they battle like a couple of actresses brand-new to fight choreography.

For all I know they are just that, and that's not their fault whatsoever. Like I said, they've both done a fine job. It's just they are supposed to be portraying two of the finest fighters on the planet and I should be completely floored by their prowess, not hoping Chun-Li doesn't trip while cautiously back-pedalling.

Love the production values though. Can't wait to see what Blue Core does with Sonic the Hedgehog.

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    for a moment i thought this was from the van dam movie.

      For a moment there I thought this was from some sort of seedy X rated website... but then they started fighting instead of making out. :( lol

        Same thought XD

    I was enjoying the stretching scene until that man came in wearing that awful puffy outfit. I then skipped ahead to watch him engaging in some of the most awful playfighting I have ever seen, upside being at least he wasn't talking. But the CGI was amusingly late 90s which kind of made up for it. The end.

    That blonde chick has an excellent dot

    that was so cringe worthy. I really wish more people would use a story board and actually try and effectively pace their films. That entire thing could have taken 2 minutes and been more eventful as a result.

    that was terrible. Couldnt watch it. Agree with Link.

    chun li's a bit chubby.. and not flexible lol

    Nope. Couldn't watch it. Was at least expecting some hot semi-muscled/toned chicks doing some funny mock fighting, got terrible acting, skinny girls and terrible costumes. Ow, my eyes.

    Wasnt there some Life action street fighter 2 made off the movie VanDame did?

    Every Street Fighter movie, whether Hollywood or Fan-MADE, is going to suck. There's no escaping that fact.

    wtf over weight chunli ?
    fight scene omg dont get me started ! lol

    The actress playing Chun Li is NOT chubby - the costume is horribly made and puffy as hell.

      Yeah, she's not even close to chubby. Cammy gave me a chubby though.

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