iCade Houses Your iPhone In The D-Pad Docks Of Your Dreams

iCade, the iPad accessory that started as a April Fool's Day evolves into an all-new form just announced at CES. iCade Mobile lets you slide your iPhone or iPad touch into a d-pad style sheath that provides physical inputs for your on-the-go gaming.

You'll get four face buttons and two shoulder buttons. Now all this thing needs is a heap of developer support so you can stop trying to look through your fingers when playing on your iPhone. It's out later this year for $US79.99. Head on over to ionaudio.com for more info.


    Geez, expensive much?

      I'd pay US$80 for this. Unfortunately they'll probably be US$180 in Australia.

    Where may I find this Ipad Touch? Will it be an upgrade on an Ipad 2?
    As for accessory pricing, I'd guess that a lot of the cost is in Apple licencing to ensure it works with official apps.

      yes and I am also curious on how this started as an April Fools Day... lol

    Unless Apple enforce the rule saying all games (using virtual controller) must be compatible with it, there is no point getting one

    Ive been waiting for something like this since I got my iPhone. Mashing your digits on the same screen that all the action is happening on, well it just don't make sense.

    That things gonna be bigger than the PS Vita by the looks of it.

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