Ico And Shadow Of The Colossus Coming To PSN

Team Ico's two classics will be coming to the PS3's digital storefront on January 17. For $US20 each, you'll be able to download the games to your hard drive. [PlayStation Blogcast, via Joystiq]


    Have been on the EU PS store since release.

    When? Au release date? Any infomation at all?!?

      Its already on AU store

      im using a mobile version so i cant see any info on the article other than the pic so thats probs the prob lol

    Yeah, this is already on the AUS Store though.

    Kotaku needs to establish what is relevant for certain countries. For example, stating that chrono trigger is available on psn. If its US info, at least state it somewhere on the article

    Maybe I should apply for a job again. Looks like you need some writers!

    They're already on PSN, the title is wrong.

    Too expensive, cheaper to buy the retail disc

      Where do you get the retail disc cheaper than US$40 in Australia?

    Got the HD collection on disc, was cheaper than the psn price too!
    Digital can gargle my nuts

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