In Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon Multiplayer Modes It's You Vs Them Vs The Other Ones

In the second multiplayer trailer for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City to drop this week Capcom details the various multiplayer modes that will see your team versus their team versus hordes of biological weapons of your arse destruction.

Looks like there's a nice selection of online multiplayer mayhem coming March 20 from Capcom and developer Slant Six Games. We've got your basic team death match; a capture-the-intel type game with a G-virus twist; and a survival mode reminiscent of certain Left 4 Dead levels. Did I say basic? With zombies and other mutants infesting every multiplayer mode, these are definitely something beyond basic.

I'll probably stick to the Heroes mode myself. Defending (boo) or killing (yay!) iconic Resident Evil characters sounds like my kind of party. You hear me, Leon?


    WTF, that all we need. resident evil slowly turning into COD. seriously fuck this game in the neck!

      I really think you should at least give it a shot, the game isn't even out yet and you're already condemning it. I, for one, will give it a go. I'm looking forward to playing another Co-Op Resident Evil with my buddy (RE5 certainly was not perfect, but I enjoyed it all the same).

      wow, chill man
      if you are so angry about this game you'd be glad to know that it isn't cannon, it's a spin off, let capcom do something different with the series... and watching a livestream of the lead developer, he was a really nice guy and knew a lot about resident evil, he even answered some of my super nerdy RE questions, so ahve a little faith okay?

      in my opinion i'm really excited for it! i really wanna play as HUNK :D

      I'm seeing it more as a more indepth L4D game.

    the last socom game is not that good (clunky controls), hopefully they manage to pull it off this time.

    Looks okay for me, i would like to see RE have two franchises tho, one faster placed (like what RE5 and what RE RC looks like it will be) and reboot back to original RE style, even if they remade the RE Outbreak series that would be cool

    IMO, this feels like a different take on the mercenaries minigames that were on several RE's, but substantially fleshed out. I am definatly looking foward to this! Any opportunity to kill more T/G/V virus infected bioweapons is always welcomed XD

    I love to see *good* spin-off games so here's hoping that's what we get in this case. It looks fun, but I'm not sure I'd be willing to go the full retail/release price for it at this point.

    And as a side note... now that this exists... can we get a true 'Survival Horror' Resident Evil game now? That'd be great, thanks.

      ... also, was that just Psycho Mantis??

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