Indie Game: The Movie: The Sitcom

Indie Game: The Movie: The Sitcom

How does this work then? I don’t get it. First we have Indie Game: The Movie, which is an apparently brilliant documentary focusing on developers Team Meat, Phil Fish and Jonathan Blow — now we have a sitcom, based on the movie. Sounds like the worst idea ever, but it may actually end up being pretty neat.

The rights to develop said comedy series has been acquired by HBO producer Scott Rudin, who worked on The Social Network and some genuinely good television shows. He’s currently working on The Newsroom with Aaron Sorkin and on a televised version of Jonathen Franzen’s brilliant novel The Corrections. In short, this guy doesn’t get involved with guff.

We’ve talked about Indie Game: The Movie quite frequently on Kotaku — an in-depth documentary which focuses on the journey, and incredible risks Indie Devs must take to succeed in the games industry. It’s a project we’ve been excited about for quite some time. That said, it’s difficult to see precisely how it will work as a fictional comedy series.

Still, we’ve seen plenty of ‘good ideas on paper’ go awry. Maybe this will be one of those rare moments when a seemingly terrible idea comes good? Regardless — it’s HBO. It can’t be that bad… right?

Sundance: HBO And Scott Rudin To Turn Docu ‘Indie Game’ Into Series [Deadline — Thanks Joystiq!]


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