IPhone6? No, It's The IPnoho6!

China is infamous for its knock-offs. Some are so well-made, it's impossible to tell them from the original. And sometimes they are even made at the same factories!

As good as China's knock-offs are, nothing beats their clever names. There was the iPed, the Yinlips YDPG18 (okay, not so clever) and now, there is iPnoho6!

There are numerous more knock-offs with equally clever, or not so clever, names.

But, wait. This is not an iPhone6 rip-off. It can't be, because the iPhone6 is not on sale and the world is still waiting for the iPhone5.

This is a geniune iPnoho6. And I want one. Wonder if the fake Apple Store is going to carry it.

糖糖 [Weibo via RocketNews]


    Please clean your feet as you disembark!

    there used to be a Chinese ripoff of the ipod called the ipad.

    why am i reading this shit?

      Probably the same reason you commented

      You know, I thought "Agreed, this reads like a Brian Ashcraft article" thinking I was on gizmodo or lifehacker, I look up and sure enough, I was right.

      Because you haven't worked out that if you click on an article you dont want to read, you'll have an article that you wont want to read.


    The only real difference though is that these ones don't have Foxconn workers threatening to kill themselves.

    They also sell fake iPhones, called Phones. You can get them off ebay

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