Is Activision Prodding Around The Idea Of Call Of Duty Facebook And iOS Titles?

I'd plop this one directly in the rumour box, assuming such a box exists, but we've heard reports that Activision is currently using surveys to gauge the level of consumer interest in a Call of Duty iOS or Facebook game.

A questionnaire currently being run by YouGov, which often initiates consumer surveys, has been floating around, asking questions like 'would you be interested in a Call of Duty Facebook game' or Would you like to play a Call of Duty iOS game'.

This is absolutely to be taken with a pinch of salt for a couple of reasons — first, Activision would be crazy if it wasn't at least considering iOS or Facebook Call of Duty games and, second, it's just a survey.

That said, it is interesting. Activision has been a bit of a slow starter in the digital realm and has preferred to reap the rewards of full price, retail titles based on their multiple franchises. If Activision was to finally make a move into that realm it would make sense to do so with one of its mega franchises, like Call of Duty.


    Ye Gods.

    But they all ready have call of duty iOS games. The zombies games for world at war and black ops

      Although i am surprised they have not gone into social networking games more. But i guess that's only a little way away now there is Facebook integration with cod.

    I wouldn't put it past them. It would be a perfect opportunity to monetise a series while slowly destroying it with bad practices, namely, yearly releases and insane pricing.

    YUCK. This franchise has become far too commercial and tacky - it appeals to the teeange kids, as it did to me, but totally over it now. I dont use facebook but I have seen the quality of the 'games' they have on there, absolutely appalling but I guess it doesn't take me to entertain the average FAKEbook user!

      it became like that when mw2 was released, hell some would say as far back as cod4, but battlelof on bf3 is aweful, hell id go as far as saying bf3 is tacky. this modern era of commercial gaming is terrible :(

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