Is Hunk The Third Protagonist Of Resident Evil 6?

Is Hunk The Third Protagonist Of Resident Evil 6?

Since the release of the debut trailer for the newly-announced Resident Evil 6, fans have been trying to figure out the identity of the third protagonist joining stars Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield in the ambitious sequel. Could it be Resident Evil’s most mysterious character?

The Hunk theory makes more sense than several of the others making the internet rounds right now. Some say the character is Steve Burnside, but then Burnside was never a mercenary and the hair doesn’t quite match.



Hunk, on the other hand, has done mercenary work and the hair seems to be a match as well. What hair, you ask? While all of the special agent’s in-game appearances have had him masked, reader Chalice (who brought the theory to my attention in the first place) offered up a photo of Hunk unmasked from the Resident Evil 3 epilogue files. It could be a match, if you squint a little.

The biggest clues, Chalice says, are in the dialogue. At 2:11 in the video, the character says “I was better off as a mercenary”. That fits. It’s even a rather witty little nod to Hunk’s appearances as a playable character in the Resident Evil Mercenaries game and game modes. And at 2:25 in the video he says “No no. Not me. Just my blood. All the world can have it… so long as someone ponies up the dough.”

Chalice explains that Hunk has long been rumoured to be immune to the Umbrella viruses, one of the reasons he’s the only member of his various teams that generally survives. If he’s immune, the key to saving the world could be in his blood.

Makes perfect sense to me, though I must admit my knowledge of Resident Evil lore isn’t quite as comprehensive as it should be. Is this a sound theory, or should it be torn apart and fed to the mutated dogs? You decide. One day soon Capcom will prove the theory right or wrong and you can cheer or weep accordingly.


  • An interesting idea, but I for sure wouldn’t list “New CG model resembles unlockable epilogue screen from RE3” as evidence. Characters in Resident Evil seem to change their facial features suddenly and with no reason given. For a long time Jill’s face was based on a certain model, but in all the screens from the new ORC game she looks completely different. Only her outfit identifies her as Jill.

    But yeah, the actual theory of it being HUNK I think could be likely. 🙂

  • It’s about time they put hunk in it, if it is him or it could be Billy Coen from zero or even Carlos Oliviera from res 3. I can’t see it being Steve burnside his to normal looking after what happened to him in cv

    • Billy Coen wasn’t a mercenary. He was actual US military, which is why he was court-martialed and being transported by MPs in RE0.

  • The name ‘Hunk’ sounds a little too gay for a gaming community that mostly consists of straight men. Unless that trend is changing, of course.

  • My little theory is that it’s Alex wesker. Which would also make sense. there is even possibility that Alex and HUNK are the same person since we never learn his name.

  • It cant just be a new character? Come on guys, he doesnt really resemble any of the older characters, and if he was one of them, why would capcom make him so different that noone knew who he was.

    This dudes young, definitely younger than Leon. Considering Leon was 21 in RE2, that wouldve made Hunk a teenager during that game. Pretty sure its just a new character. The girl with him though, Ashley? hahah

  • I disagree, this game series has never really been good at aging characters, they just remodel them. Leon looks grungier in this than usual and Chris just looks like RE5. Who knows maybe HUNK ages well…but why would he have experience with B.O.W.s and what not? I mean the lines he says and all that points to him being HUNK….However Capcom does like adding new characters that no one cares about…I mean who really wanted to play as Sheva in RE5?

  • I don’t really think that he’s HUNK, the new guy looks and sounds way more younger, and he’s personality doesn’t seams to be like HUNK’s, a cold blooded soldier, few words, shoot first ask later, that’s just my opinion and my observation, and personally, I really really really hope that he’s not HUNK.

  • I’ll eat my hat if it isn’t Alex Wesker. They’ve been subtley building him up through RE5 and its re-release.

  • The Hunk theory sounds pretty plausible, if its true then he better have a RE2 unlockable costume somewhere in the game.

  • I personally agree that it is Alex Wesker and have been looking through documentation and evidence regarding the last remaining Wesker child. Yes, HUNK is speculated to have the immunization to diseases through his blood, but Alex and Albert were the only two of the Wesker Children who survived the Prototype Virus injection. This would make his blood “valuable,” also making him required to be injected with a serum (like the PG67A/W for Wesker in RE5) as can be seen in the trailer.

    One last thing… Would you honestly expect HUNK not to wear his gas mask and tactical gear? This man’s clothing looks more like Wesker’s getup from RE4.

  • what about steve burnside hes young enough, and has experice with BOWs. true that he was a wuss in cv but RE characters are know for haveing dramtic changes. like leon in RE2 he didnt have any kind of CQC (close quaters combat) but then in RE4 hes a total badass. and the whole Mercenaries thing steve has been gone for almost 20 years so we dont know a whole lot about whats hes been doing. being a mercenarie would be a perfect way to become more of a badass and travel to search for claire. he was also one for lots of money. that would explain y he wants money for his blood. also look at his person if u look closely hes wear a pair of boot that look identical to the one steve wears. plus the red hair

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