Is Razer Working On A Gaming Tablet?

An interesting teaser trailer released by Razer suggests that the company may be working on some kind of gaming focused tablet, calling a prospective announcement "PC Gaming on an all-new form factor". Whatever that means!

It's currently being code-named Project Fiona, and may possibly bear resemblance to the Razer Switchblade, the portable gaming machine Razer teased all the way back in 2008. That product disappeared off the face of the earth, but it's possible that Project Fiona may just be a more modern version of that idea, in tablet form.

According to The Verge, the official reveal is set for January 10, next week at CES.

Razer teases 'PC gaming on an all-new form factor,' Project Fiona announcement on January 10th [The Verge]


    Hi Mark, sorry to be That Guy, but the title says "laptop" when it should say "tablet".

      Nice going McGarnical.
      You hurt his feelings by pointing out the mistake. Now he's gone and slit his own throat from ear to ear.

    looks interesting. Wonder how they'll distribute content.?

    Wouldn't it need to have the equivilent of Steam or XBOX live or what have you? For online gaming?

      It'll be a Windows Tablet, so it doesn't need an equivalent of Steam/Xbox Live, it'll just use the PC versions.

    Haha, that's like saying skateboarding is riding a bike in an all new form factor.

    Oh razer, good on them for being a manufacturer that is at least trying to innovate in the PC gaming platform space.

    Weren't Razor working on a gaming laptop kind of thing, it was stolen not long ago. It's going to be that thing for sure.

      You mean this confirmed product?
      First of all, Razer wouldn't be teasing a product they've already shown off :P
      Second, Apple's tablets are famous for being 'magical', not their laptops.

        What makes you think that they wouldn't be showing off the graphics of the switchblade? Other companies have shown things off and then done the whole marketing thing for CES.

        Also, it could be Switchblade 2 (already?)

        Time will tell but if it's Switchblade then expect a 'told you so' lol

          Either I'm reading your comment wrong or you've mixed the two together.

          The Razer Blade is not the Switchblade and is looking to be released shortly (HDD shortages due to flooding in Thailand etc pushed back the release date).

            if you look at the 21 second mark, it's zooming out of what looks like a tablet. I'm going with the tablet!

    I wouldn't say the Switchblade has "disappeared off the face of the earth" Razer still have the webpage for it. Also, wasn't the Switchblade only revealed last year?

    I've never really understood the appeal of touch screen gaming outside of games that allow you to be hands off or observe whenever you wish, such as strategy games/turn based games/Farmville etc.

    Some single input games are fine (such as the Canabalt clones, Angry Birds etc), but there's only so much interaction you can have before your hands/fingers become a frustrating obstruction to what's happening on screen.

    (Don't even get me started on the input abomination that is the 'on-screen joysticks' used by some mobile games!)

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