Is The 3DS Lite Coming Out Next Spring? Wonders A Japanese Magazine

Japanese magazine Nikkei Trendy put forth a question that's nagging us all: is Nintendo releasing a 3DS Lite?

In a recent issue of the publication that looks at 2012, Trendy wrote, "To increase the 3DS's install base, there's a possibility for a lighter version that addresses the handheld's weak points, the thickness and the battery life."

The article is accompanied by a header that reads "spring", implying that Trendy expects the unannounced 3DS Lite to be out then.

A spring 3DS Lite isn't the only thing that makes sense — a 3DS Lite does. With Nintendo's release of a second circle pad (which Trendy did not mention), a hardware revision is imminent.

Last summer, Nintendo said that customers should not wait for a new 3DS iteration. The Kyoto-based game maker has not confirmed a 3DS Lite.

The DS Lite, a lighter and brighter version of the original Nintendo DS, was released in Mar. 2006 in Japan. The original DS, however, was released in Dec. 2004 in Japan, which means if the 3DS Lite speculation were correct, the 3DS Lite would be out quicker than its DS Lite counterpart.

That's what this is, speculation. Nikkei Trendy often places educated guesses on when new products will be released and on how much they'll cost. "Isn't this just another delusional article from Nikkei Trendy?" a Japanese commenter wrote online.

Maybe, but something about a 3DS Lite this spring seems less impossible and more plausible.

「3DS Lite」今年の春に登場か!? [オレ的ゲーム速報]


    If it comes with a 2nd circle pad built in then i'm sold!

    The same publication claims Monster Hunter is coming to PS Vita in the second half of 2012. Kinda hoping both predictions are false at this point


      More specifically: why would MH coming to the PSV be a bad thing?

      This is basically a what if segment.
      They asked readers what effect a PSVita MH game would have on MH TriG and 4 sales, and whether readers would like to see a reboot of a super old Nintendo IP. Both of these worked out to be false.
      This must be the latest.

    Never saw it coming

    Would like second circle pad and much better build quality all round, especially those horrid face and shoulder buttons.

    To recap: its not even a rumour. It's a 'what if' scernario by a game mag to fill pages. Good times.

    lo.this isn't true at all. beacuse of the circle pad pro's release on the normal 3ds.the battery life will be 480 hours due to it being battery this not all

    No Region Unlocked, No Sales

      Yeah, no sales. how's 4 million for you.

    I don't think there will be a 3DS "Lite", but there might be a redesign with slightly better battery life and a second slide pad. Given Nintendo's recent trend for tagging + on the end of things it wouldn't surprise me if it was called the 3DS+

    I would be more interested in a 3DS XL.

    Nah. There's been rumors since before the 3DS was even released. I don't believe these ones.
    Nintendo are too busy working on the Wii U to be developing another handheld.

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