Is This A Handcrafted Skyrim Replica Dagger I See Before Me?

Video game replica master Bill Doran of PunishedProps turns his attentions from the stars of Mass Effect to the cold steel of Skyrim with this gorgeous PVC replica of Daedric artifact Mehrunes' Razor.

Weakened somewhat in its trip from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to Skyrim, Mehrunes' Razor is still one pretty piece of pointy killware, capable of bestowing instant death upon those that feel its searing sting.

Bill crafted this gorgeously accurate replica of the fabled weapon from PVC, starting from a simple vector diagram. Hit up his website for the full details, and take note — he's made a mould so he can craft more of them. Let the begging commence!



    *broken pics from nd pic onwards (firefox)

      He's Commander Shepard, and that's the same problem I'm having on the Citadel. (Pictures broken on Firefox)

    Yes, and it looks sh*t.

    Now post something good.

      Grow up. The dagger looks great and I admire that guy's skill at crafting and painting these replicas.

      It looks like shit!?! what the hell man? EVER SINGLE DETAIL on this dagger is 100 percent correct!! how could it possibly even be improved? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!

        I have to agree with Nignosis. It looks like it's made of plastic, like a large scale accessory you would get with an action figure. Accurate to the game it may be, but in real life it just doesn't look right.

          It IS made of plastic. As the article says, it's made of PVC. It's not meant to be a usable weapon, this guy just makes these things as a hobby. He's not a blacksmith or anything. Still, the accuracy and paint work is admirable.

    Lord Dagon has spoken!

    ME WANT.

    This is impressive, the fact that its done in layers of PVC foam or what looks like foam core board.

    Id have assumed a pepakura papercraft used as a base for the process.

    Im sure someone will start pep'ing skyrim armor/props at some point soon.
    I know the Dragon priest masks are already being done in papercraft.

    The only up side to a papercraft version is its the actual 3d model pulled from the game so its 100% accurate to the poly.

    Nice one, these are the things that inspire me the most ;)
    That's why I too started with crafting Skyrim replicas/props.

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