Is This A Viral Teaser For Resident Evil 6?

Resident Evil 6 could be set in China. It might not be. The game, however, is apparently on its way — something Capcom previously confirmed to Kotaku.

Last December, a voice actress listed "Chinese Villager/Zombie" for "Video Game: Resident Evil 6" on her resume.

A viral video, in which a woman is frantically speaking Chinese, throws fuel on the speculation that the inevitable RE6 is set in China.

As website Rely On Horror pointed out, the video might be a fan flick.

There is a website,, which features "No Hope Left" and the date 19.01.12 spray-painted on buildings.

The timing could not be more perfect. Capcom USA is holding a big Resident Evil event, called The Resident Evil Experience, for both Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil: Revelations.

While Capcom has used viral teasers in the past, we'll should know for sure on Jan. 19 whether or not this latest viral stunt is RE6 or not.

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    Hope its RE6! And I hope its a mix of old & new school RE, just like the RE4 early build footage.

      Yes! the early build looked awesome! Just from the trailer you can see how much more classic horror the game could have had. I still love how it turned out though.

    Kind of a weird clip. She goes from being apparently happy/calm to completely losing her excrement... Though I'm definitely up for a RE6 and also hope for a return to the Horror as opposed to ACTION! Though a healthy mixture of the two would also be pretty cool.

    Set in china would be pretty cool I reckon

    China isn't a bad idea, as long 6's gameplay is as far removed from 5's as China is from Africa.

    If it is in China, I wonder if Chinese people are going to pull the "racist" card.

      I thought this too, given the reaction to RE5 being set in Africa.

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