Is This Japan's Favourite Western Cosplayer? Maybe!

Whenever Japanese bulletin boards discover bad Western cosplay, forum users begin piling on the bad cosplay photos, saying foreigners just cannot cosplay. (This is incorrect.) But then, inevitably, somebody usually pulls out a Maridah photo, pointing out that some of the best cosplay ever is not Japanese.

Who's Maridah? She just might be Japan's favourite Western cosplayer.

While she's not yet a "name" cosplayer in Japan yet like Ushijima Good Meat, California-based Maridah is so popular in Japan perhaps because she specialises in the character Saber from the Fate/stay series. It's not a character widely known in the West, and the attention she lavishes on Saber makes Maridah unusual. It also doesn't hurt that she is Saber's spitting image.

Check out Maridah's Maid Saber, Saber and Pie, Saber Lion, Saber Lily and just plain Saber pics below. The 27-year-old makes all her own costumes, which is very cool, indeed.

More in the link below.

Maridah [Official Site]


    I'm wondering what she's cosplaying as in the photo with the cake. Oh wait, it's a Bashcraft 'article'. Nevermind.

      That would be Saber wearing Shiro's shirt.

        I do believe you're right! I stand corrected. My natural cynicism towards Bashcraft and his japan/girly articles superceded my abilities to do my research first.

          He still can't post clear pictures to save his life.

    I would like to eat her that wrong?

    I'd say she's getting popular in Japan because she looks like she's 12.

      i thought the same thing

    She's 27? She looks underage. Which... explains a lot, really.

    She looks old really when i first saw her pics, then i researched her age and wallah yes she is coz. She looks fat as well. I dunno maybe i have problems with my eyes. Saber doesnt smile in the anime.. Many pose is wront too. Her age shows around her chest lenght.. Girls younger have... Errr it's hard to explain. My gf's '....' was piointed high, hers is showy aging.

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