Is This Quantum Levitation Powered Real World WipeOut Track Too Good To Be True?

Reeking of amateurish CG and released by the seemingly nonexistent Japan Institute of Science and Technology, this video depicting a pair of miniature hover cars ripped straight out of Sony's WipeOut series sure gets me hungry for some futuristic racing.

While quantum levitation is a very real phenomenon, the likelihood of the demonstration above being anything more than a viral advertisement for the upcoming WipeOut 2048 for the PlayStation Vita is incredibly slim. Coating a sapphire wafer with a thin layer of superconductor is one thing; applying it to a pair of seemingly diecast models is another. The movement is too fluid, the vapor trails too thick, and the whole concept of a group of scientists basing their research on a video game is quite ludicrous.

I suppose for now WipeOut 2048 is as close as we'll get to this sort of futuristic hover racing. I've already got it preordered, Sony, but feel free to send out more virals; they're quite nifty.

Controlled Quantum Levitation on a Wipe'Out Track [YouTube via Gizmodo]


    That mist looks very CG to me.

      The whole damn track looks like it's using ambient occlusion to me. It doesn't look real.

        It screams of camera tracking, as well as the CG mist and odd looking ambient occlusion.

      The way the racers move too.. def CGI

        yeah it does.. but imagine being 8 again and getting this track for Christmas. :)

        Actually this is how quantum locked magnets move... Look up Quantum Magnets on youtube for demonstrations wthout the bling.

      Mist looks like liquid nitrogen condensing moisture from the air. Man I love Questacon.....

    I liked this, it was like one of those old Dharma movies they used to find in Lost.

    Looks like CG. I just happened to watch a clip on this website this morning before I seen this. Seems real/more realistic to the level of technology.

    if only... that would be like the coolest slot car set ever!

    Obviously fake - at 1:14 you can see the vehicles disappear behind the track edge, but the mist doesn't. So... 'Wipeout Quantum'? That logo was slick, perhaps it's related to a separate (new) game other that 2048?

    Wow so many people doubting this. Its completely possible with current tech so i dont see any reason why it wouldnt be real. It would probably be just as easy to make a real one if not easier than to animate it all. Look up the Meisner Effect and Quantum Levitation if you want proof that it would be real.

      So you've got links to video of similar stuff? I've seen a few videos of quantum levitation and I'm yet to see one where they've levitated something that they can remotely control as well.

    It looks like a game using the Playstation Eye :P

    I've seen a lot of shops in my time...

      You can tell by the pixels...

    No idea about quantum levitation, but it looks more like superconductor levitation to me. You'd just have to make the cars from a superconductor, fill with liquid nitrogen to cool, then have a movable magnetic field under the track. There's a few videos on youtube for it.

      Found a better one that shows control -

    Wipeout doesn't even try to be different from F-Zero. It's shameless.

    ...and this is how Kotaku makes a few bucks without anyone bitching.

    The clip is legit. Ive seen Quantum Levitation in action in person. Not remote controlled, however i cant see that being too hard to implement using electro magnets. theres a good demonstration of quantam levitation here:

      Can you find a listing or website for the Japan Institute of Science and Technology?

    Simply because something is possible doesn't make it probable. Boy are you guys gullible.

    1. There is no JIST that I can find on the net that mentions anything about this video.
    2. The text at the beginning of the video has mispellings but no "Engrish".
    3. When they "suposedly" fill the car with liquid nitrogen there is no vapour coming from the car or from the connect/disconnect of the filling device.
    4. No matter how fast or slow the cars travel the "condensation" always ends exactly the same distance from the rear of the "car".
    5. At the end there are no credits detailing the particular lab, who worked on the project OR WHO FUNDED IT!!!!!

    Obvious troll is obvious.

    According to CNET; Sony are copyright holders on the video.

    It is fake there is no such thing as JIST. The closest acronyms are JAIST (Japanese Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and JST (Japanases Science and Technology Academy).

    Would love me some Wipeout real life racing tracks though.

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