Is This The Perfect Otaku Office?

My office? Nope. While it's a mess of stuff, my desk doesn't exactly scream otaku (though, the signed Kurt Vonnegut print above it is pretty cool!). This guy's office, however, is otaku chic.

Spotted over on, the office belongs to Dieta from Germany. Stereotypically, otaku space are packed with stuff and are dirty. This, however, is quite clean and simple, while at the same geeking out Japanese style.

For more photos, check out in the link below.

Otaku Office []



    Nearly hentai post check, this is a bashcraft post.

    It's Bashcraft boner time again!

    Err, isn't that a chick sitting in the chair?

      Check the face in the reflection of the tablet, its a dude with long hair.

    I never could understand the allure of those figurines. All they seem to say is "I don't ever want to get laid."

      Some people don't want to get laid. Deal with it.

    OK Brian, we get it, you live in Japan. Get over it.

      "wow! look at all this money!"
      "it's called YEN"
      "it's more expensive than regular money"

      Forgot to add:
      You never read the article. This is not in Japan, it's in Germany

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