It's A Giant Kinect-Powered Theme Park

Live Park, South Korea's interactive theme park, allows visitors to experience the virtual world with interactive games and instillations. It's video games brought to life or a Minority Report you can experience, minus the pre-crime arrests.

The brainchild of start-up d'strict, the US$13 million theme park boasts 65 attractions and was over two-years in the making. Able to hold up to 3,000 visitors at once, parkgoers are outfitted with RFID wristbands that enable them to interact with the Microsoft Kinect-powered displays that recognise their voices and faces.

Live Park is outfitted with, according to d'strict, "the world's biggest interactive 360 degree stereoscopic theatre" and "the world's most advanced avatar game in the world's largest interactive projection square stretching over 150 meters."

"Last year James Cameron announced plans for an Avatar themed land at Disney's Animal Kingdom to begin construction in 2013," said d'strict's Bryan Lee. "With Live Park, d'strict have created a 4D avatar theme park that's here today!" OK, then!

Live Park is expected to expand outside South Korea to North America.


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