It's A Proper Game Of Thrones: Season Two Trailer

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.


    6 words this time luke?

    This time I will forgive you though.. the vid speaks for itself :D

      Haha, I was going to edit the article to add more words but I didn't know what to say since... well.. trailer speaks for itself? ;)

      Well, more like two words technically..

        Yeah but we can forgive Luke for this, after all, who wants to read when we can WATCH.

        Do you think Sean Beans sitting somewhere saying ''I really should've made a deal to be in season 2 and 3 somehow...''

          I think Sean Bean's happy to have lasted longer than an episode. :P

          I saw an interview with Jason Momoa lamenting Khal Drogo being killed off so early, and saying he wanted to somehow be written back into the series. Keep on dreaming, muscles.

            lol I love how Bean picks the tragic character all the time... hes an awesome actor... As for Momoa, great role but yeah Khal was one note and he definitely needed to go the same season.

            Bit hard to negotiate an extension for your character when the original author killed him off in the first book

    Best TV show ever!


    I think I'm officially a nerd... I just got chills.

    April 1. Really? Now I don't know what to think.

      Its true thank fuck we get the bluray season 1 a month before it airs :D

    What other television shows will get their own 6 word articles?

    April is so far away! Least Spartucus is back in the meantime. Loved Liam in his portrayal of spartucus

    on a side note I have been reading the game of thrones novels ( song of fire and ice saga to be correct ) has anyone noticed how much skyrim borrowed from it. in the books there are giants who herd mamoths, there is a group of warriors in the books called the Companions, Denerys is referd to as somthing similar to dragonborne, the flags that adorn Stormborn and the legon’s castles in skyrim are similar to the animal sigils that the starks and other houses use in game of thrones. There are many more little touches in skyrim that seem to be directly taken or inspired by game of thrones

      I think a lot of the things you are talking about a pretty much fantasy tropes well used in all fantasy. I think Game of Thrones borrows heavily from other fantasy. But the fantasy in Game of Thrones isn't the strong point, it's the characters.

    It's official. Tyrion's a badass.

    is it me , or did that trailer go beyond the second book?

      Yeah they are, to give certain characters more screentime.

    Who else is getting the blu ray version of season 1 :D

    Awesome, bring it on!

    Just finished the first book after watching Season 1.
    I'm not sure whether to read the next book or wait and watch Season 2 first.

    I really hope the popularity and quality of the series keeps up so that we actually get all the seasons/books worth.

    Watched this four hours ago. Immediately went and picked up A Clash of Kings (that's been on my shelf for months). I now cannot put it down.

    Wow, super pumped,

    Im reading a dance with Dragons now (doing my head in carrying it on the bus) but well worth it. It put LOTR to shame =)

    Meh... Overrated.

    Loved the first season of this. Does the TV show differ from the books that much ? If I want to start reading them is a book is should start with ?

      In many episodes it is word for word lines from the book.

      I was wondering this too when I wanted to start reading them. Season 1 covers book 1 exactly. EXACTLY. The only real difference is, is starks kids are younger in the books.

        So you can skip book 1 if you've seen season 1, you won't really get anything out of it except for perhaps a better understanding of each characters reasons and logic, since the chapters are from a characters point of view.

        It's not. While the HBO show runs verrrryyy close to the books, there are still some noticeable changes in characterisation.


        Eg Catelyn in the show doesn't want Ned to leave her, while in the books she realises that it's his duty to serve Robert as Hand and what a great opportunity it would be for the Starks. Another one is Tyrion and Tywin. When Jaime is captured and Tywin sends Tyrion to King's Landing, while in the show Tyrion seems surprised and pleased, in the book he's seething in his PoV chapter at how his father has given up Jaime for dead already. Stuff like this crops up every now and then.

      A few people I know have had to start reading the books after watching the series, as it isn't always clear what's happening.

      tl;dr the show's awesome, the books are better.

    Dave start with book 5 - and work backwards..... :p
    The gernerally accepted order is start at book 1 and continue from there.

    (Sorry couldn't help myself)
    I wasn't a big fan of 3 and 4 - almost decided to give up with the series, but book 5 is shaping up to be better. Seriously can't wait for the 2nd series. Loved the 1st one

      Weren't a fan of book 3? As in Storm of Swords Parts 1 and 2?

      That's where everything happens!

      Agreed on Feast of Crows (book 4). Probably the worst of the series but perhaps needed to set more of the pieces.

    I like how this is posted as "in real life..."

    So damn awesome.

    On a side note, I need the Blu Ray box set of series 1 inside me now!

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