It's Like League Of Legends. Only, For The IPhone.

Apple's iOS platofrms are no stranger to games that borrow heavily form existing properties, so to see a League of Legends clone - called Legendary Heroes - pop up should surprise nobody.

Well, OK, maybe it should, because LoL's style of game isn't one you'd expect on the iPhone or iPad, yet here it is. You control three heroes, you level up, you defend, you attack.

Sounds good so far, but there's freemium crap attached, and for some reason, no multiplayer. Still, it's free to download, so you may as well take a look.

Legendary Heroes [App Store, via Touch Arcade]


    I think you mean "It's like Dota, only for the Iphone" as dota was the original moba game.

    I was honestly hoping for something like this ages ago, I mean with multi touch enabled controlling wouldn't be that hard, it would beat the crap out of using a touch pad (of which I use to play LoL on my laptop).

      uhh.... u do realise/remember that dota was a 3 corridors clone and that both were warcraft 3 maps, right? and i'm halfway sure that 3 corridors itself was based on something else... but anyways... just pointing it out

    There is extremly large gameplay diffrences between LoL and DoTA. Even thow I haven't played it yet, entirely possible its more like LoL then DoTA

    no multiplayer? lol?

    Oh and the game is ok.... It's to hard to control and tap tiny minions to kill them. Big moba fan and I like the idea of this more than the gameplay. Multiplayer would be really cool. Champions are not free nor can you save gold to buy any, it's either deal with the four they let you play with or buy the others. But then again 1.99 is a lot better than ten bucks like that of lol.

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