It's The Hour Of The Dour In These New Game Of Thrones RPG Screenshots

Today, we got six new screenshots from Cyanide Studio's forthcoming Game of Thrones RPG, which appears to not actually be called "A" Game of Thrones. Which will make a lot of nerds a little grumpy. Including me!

Just kidding, I'm still hoping the game will be good, in part because I was heartened by my talk with Cyanide's studio director Yves Bordeleau back when he first told Kotaku about the game.

These screens, however, aren't particularly inspiring. Just some rough-lookin' dudes in armour, fighting. A couple ladyfolk in the background. These screens could be from The Witcher 2, only they aren't pretty enough. They could be from Kingdoms of Amaleur, but… well, they aren't pretty or stylish enough. Hmm.

The next set of screens had better contain some incest, is what I'm saying.


    I dont know why you would be grumpy that is is not called A Game of Thrones. A Game Of Thrones is the Title of the first book it wouldnt make sence calling an RPG A Game of Thrones, It would be like calling The Old Republic The Emopire Strikes Back.

    The game will probably be crap, looks like they are rushing this to cash in on A Song of Fire and Ice recent popularity

      The Emopire Strickes Back sounds like a terrible game.

      I'd be inclined to agree that this looks pretty average, but who knows from screenshots. I'd rather they just commissioned Peter Jackson to bring A Song of Ice and Fire to life as a series of movies.

    I'm still not convinced Cyanide can make a quality game at all. I mean, there's Blood Bowl, but that's not exactly a joy to play unless you're a fan of tabletops. It at least works though.

    I want it to be good.

    I think it will be bad.

    I hope I'm wrong.

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