Jailed Megaupload Founder Loses His Call Of Duty Crown

Bizarrely, the imprisoned founder of file-sharing site Megaupload - Kim Dotcom, formerly Kim Schmitz - was also until this week the world's number one Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 gamer on Xbox Live.

A week in the slammer will do things to your top ranking, though, and while he's been cooling off in a New Zealand cell competing gamer Arazos has overtaken him. And since it doesn't look like Dotcom will be out and gaming any time soon, Arazos' status as world champ may be safe for the foreseeable future.

Arrest fallout: Kim Dotcom falls to No. 2 rank in Modern Warfare 3 [GamesBeat]


    I got the impression that at this level, the competition is basically a time sink?

    Couldn't he throw money at someone for them to play on his behalf? Or did they take all his money?

      You gotta be Premium to play on his behalf. Otherwise, you can only watch him for 70 or so minutes, before being forced to wait 20 before you can resume watching.

        +1 lol

          +1, Very nice.

    It's a fool's crown; he probably botted in COD too [/sarcasm]

    Sitting around playing video games all day, making millions of dollars by letting people upload porn 'n' pirated stuff to your pc.

    Is he a wizard?

      I can just see it now... Hagrid looking down at him, "You're a wizahd Schmitzy!"

      Well pirate wizard or something....

    I'm not sure about this guys past, and i hope i don't come off as a clueless idiot (It's the internet, of course i am) but is his birth surname Dotcom or was it legally changed to that?

      Legally changed.

      Wikipedia is back up now you know :p

    I was looking the top players with the most killed in the world today. Hes 3rd, but the player who is first in the ranking appears to be a hacker. Highest killstreak of 160 and a k/d of 5. O Gamerscore and only ever played Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3.

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