Jumping And Doodles Is All Doodle Sprint Is About

Sometimes a blatant clone of another game can be a terrible thing, other times, as contradictory as it is to say, it's not that bad. Doodle Sprint is the latter.

It is a shameless clone of always-runners like Canabalt, asking the player to simply tap (or hold) their fingers on the screen to make a little stick figure jump over obstacles that are rushing towards him.

Where Doodle Sprint's salvation lies is not in its mechanics, but in its presentation. Canabalt can often feel oppressively tense, the music and art style bringing the player as much anxiety and panic as it does enjoyment.

Doodle Sprint goes in almost the opposite direction. Its music can be a little dramatic, but your sprinting is set against a backdrop of, well, white space, draped in cute little white clouds. And you're controlling a cute little stick figure.

Shameless it may be, but it's also slick, responsive and, best of all, free.

Doodle Sprint! [Apple App Store]


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