Just Dance Franchise Has Sold 25 Million Copies?

Just Dance Franchise Has Sold 25 Million Copies?

Go ahead, smirk just like you do when you pass a display of Ubisoft’s dancing franchise games at Target or Kmart. With 25 million copies sold across six titles, odds are you secretly own a copy of Just Dance yourself.

I’m probably one of the first guys to point and giggle at those displays, but I have to admit that the series is pretty damn entertaining. Seems like a great many people around the world agree. Just Dance 3, released in October for the Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3, has sold through more than seven million copies by itself. Toss in numbers for the original Just Dance, Just Dance 2, Just Dance Kids, Just Dance Kids 2 and Just Dance Summer Party and I start sweating just imagining all of that physical activity.

In a celebratory press release, Ubisoft patted itself on the back for a job well done.

“It’s quite a feat that Just Dance 3 beat out all competition to be the #1 game on all motion-controlled platforms for the month of December,” said Tony Key, senior vice president sales and marketing at Ubisoft in an official announcement. “The Just Dance franchise continues to be the game of choice for consumers around the world looking for games with great music and fun dance moves.”

The key phrase here is “all competition”. As impressive as the numbers are, I didn’t see many titles vying for motion-control dominance across all three major platforms. Still it’s hard to ignore the franchises success. I suggest we all pull out our secret copies and have a celebratory boogie down.


  • Ah it’s Guitar Hero all over again. Every publisher will start scrambling to make dancing games, while Ubisoft (who will be playing the role of Activision in the GH days) will start releasing 5 Just Dance games a year, crushing the franchise with over saturation.

    • I hope not. I really like Just dance. Especially since they always try something new in new releases. As for Kids party, I think it’s because a lot of the dance moves are too hard for kids. And it would have more appropriate songs for them.
      It’s not like they’re creating every special edition they can think of.

  • Ok i own it.

    Just like all the other Kinect games, I feel like a total cockhead when I play them and live in fear of someone seeing me.

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