Kids Shoot LEGO Figure Into Space

Two Canadian kids have sent a LEGO minifig boldly where few LEGO minifigs have gone before: into space.

While they're not the first to accomplish the feat, it's the way they accomplished it that's awesome. Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad, aged only 17, built a weather balloon from scratch, even sewing the parachutes that brought the little LEGOnaut, and the cameras which recorded his 78,000 feet (23,774m) high journey, safely back to Earth.

You can check out pictures of his trip, and some video as well, at the link below.

Toronto teens send Lego man on an a balloon odyssey 24 kilometres high [TheStar]

Toronto Teens Send Lego Minifig toSpace [MAKE]


    Awesome, but...why wouldn't you use a spaceman minifig?? At least give him a helmet!

      That's not just any minifig set-up - it's the "offical" LEGO minifig set-up. While the space one makes sense, it only represents space LEGO. This one represents LEGO as a whole.

      Hopefully, next time they send up a whole lego space craft, and keep trying until they do reach space.. though that could be hard to prove.

        True, but how can he 'represent' LEGO if he's dead from oxygen starvation? Eh? Didn't think of that did you? ;)

    Towards space. Just a quarter the way there.

      True, but I couldn't be bothered to do it.

    good on them, quite a feat

    It should be 'Kids shoot lego figure into the stratosphere, they came nowhere near the karman line, thus not space.

      Well, if you want to correct people...

      It should actually be "Kids Shoot LEGO Figure Into The Stratosphere. They Came Nowhere Near The Karman Line, Thus Not Space."

      You can't argue that the kids did a pretty impressive job.

        Well, if you want to correct people... who correct people...

        You can't argue that the kids didn't do a pretty impressive job.

      Its as close to outer space as you'll ever get. stop thinking you're top stuff by correcting people.

    Wait, where are all the comments about people complaining that this isn't an article about video games

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