Kingdom Hearts 3D Gets A Special Hardware. Release Date, Too.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will be out March 29 in Japan. There will be a special Kingdom Hearts 3DS handheld. While I like the monogram, I'm not a fan with the Kingdom Hearts text or the stupid Disney copyright.

The Dream Drop Distance 3DS comes bundled with a copy of the game. Pricing is currently TBA.

ゲームソフトと3DS本体のセット [4Gamer]


    Looks cool, but i agree with the Disney copyright, it would have been nicer if it had been put somewhere more discreet, like on an edge or the bottom

    God damn it I want one. But gotta hold out till they release the inevitable 3ds 2, aka the 3ds with second thumb pad

    woooooooooooah wil this come out in Australia?

    I like it, but not a fan of the pink nor the copyright. In fact, if it was just the pattern it would probably look nicer.

    Is it even possible to transfer profile/e-store purchases between 3ds'?

      Yes it is. wireless system transfers were enabled in a recent firmware update

    This looks awesome. I do think the Disney branding is a little too blatant. I mean it's not like the Mickey Mouse logo or Kingdom Hearts labelling would've given the whole Disney thing away.

    Maybe it's because when I think of Kingdom Hearts I primarily think of Squenix. I mean obviously Disney's there, but it's a Squenix game. Maybe Disney is getting a little insecure.

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