Kotaku Kristmas Giveaways: 3DS Winner

Kotaku Kristmas Giveaways: 3DS Winner

This is the last Kotaku Kristmas Project post. It’s been a crazy road, and I’d like to thank everyone who participated. We’ve had some awesome competitions, and next week I’ll be making sure that everyone gets their prizes, but for now we still have one winner to announce — the winner of the 3DS.

Now I went through the entries — and there were over 300 comments in the 3DS competition page — and a couple of things because abundantly clear. Firstly, there were many solid entries, but secondly, there was a chorus of voices I simply couldnt ignore. People were abstaining from the competition, people were screaming at me to simply give it to the one person who obviously deserved the prize.

And that person is, of course, Chuloopa.

I want to thank everyone for entering the 3DS prize, and coming up with a huge amount of worthy entries, but I just feel like Chuloopa deserves a little something extra for putting this whole thing together, and in this last KKP post I think it’s fitting that he gets the attention and the reward he deserves.

Chuloopa didn’t ask for anything, in fact he pleaded with me on numerous occasions to play down his involvement, but I don’t think it’s right to give the 3DS to anyone but him.

I hope you forgive me this indulgence, because I’m sure you’ll all agree, the man deserves it.

Congrats Chuloopa — you are the winner of the 3DS!

Thanks to everyone who entered all the comps, I’ll be in touch with all of you next week with your prizes!


  • Congrats Loops, don’t go burning down the Allure offices or anything, even those of us who entered and really wanted to win can’t argue with this. You really do deserve it.


  • I think it’s clear the winner of the final KKP is the most worthy recipient.
    Congratulations, Loops, and enjoy.

  • If anyone complains about this result, I will arrange for bad things to happen to them. Next time they stub a toe? Yeah son, that was me.

    Watch out.

  • This is excellent news. I approve this decision.

    Congrats to Chuloopa, and to everyone else who won stuff.

  • Great to see the man getting what he deserves, well something at least. I think he needs a few games. Who agrees Loops should, at least, get Mario 3D land from the review earlier last year ?!
    Also, way to get him trouble at uni, awesome reaction from the man who won a 3DS
    ‘it’s not that funny’ -lecturer
    ‘-giggle- I just won a ds -giggle- -locks phone-‘ -Loops

  • Congrats Loops If I had won I would of given it to you anyway 😀 you totally deserved it after all that work.

    P.S I still think the entire Commander Keen Series Should be given a HD remaking (what ever its called) and put on 3DS

  • I’ll probably be crucified for this, but wow. There wasn’t actually a competition here, just a vote? I’m not saying loops doesn’t deserve it, but I am a little surprised this is how it went down.

    • I understand this, but it wouldn’t have felt right for me any other way. Just had to go on my gut here, hope you understand.

      There will be many more competitions on Kotaku for everyone to enter.

    • well I’m sure it would have been a competition, IF there hadn’t been massive outcry that Loops should have won. I’m sure that most people who entered, had they won, would have requested it went to loops. I agree with you that it seems shady to have a contest and then not obey the rules of the contest, but I recognize, and called out for, the decision to just give him the prize

    • http://edge.alluremedia.com.au/m/k/2012/01/3DS.pdf

      If Loops wrote anything at all in that thread, it could be taken as an official entry which was then deemed to be of sufficient literary level to be considered the best in show, as determined by the judge.

      Then there’s the “Judge’s decision is final” thingy.

      So it’d all work within the T&Cs, as I understand it.

      In case you’re looking for competition justification for it.

    • I ain’t gonna crucify you. I see your point, and I partially agree. But, like everyone else, I think Loops winning is the best option. Besides, for him, it’s more ‘earning’ than ‘winning’. 😛

    • To an extent, I agree with you Ynefel.

      I’ve been doing some thinking, and I have decided to post about my misgivings. I want to say upfront that I think Chuloopa is a great guy, who did a great thing by organising the KKP and I wouldn’t begrudge him a thing, but I think some perspective has been lost along the way here, and he is (for want of a better way to put it) reaping all the benefits from the generosity of upwards of 50 people.

      I know that several Kotaku readers donated huge amounts of money to the KKP (Tech Knight for example, and I think from memory, welbot as well gave $100 apiece, and my contribution came to nearly $70 with cash and goods). I say this not to highlight the contribution of individuals, but to remind everyone that thousands of dollars were raised to give the Kotaku staff a Christmas present, and that money came from a lot of people.

      In addition, people like Harli and Doc What? were heavily involved in organisation as well, rallying the Sydney troops for the Allure invasion, and co-ordinating the goods at the delivery end.

      Again, I would say that I don’t want to begrudge Chuloopa a thing, and I definitely don’t want him to feel guilty for accepting this prize, which I do believe he deserves. I just want to say, enough, please. He has won two Kudos, a kingship and a 3DS for organising the KKP. I think that might be enough.

      • Dude i won’t take it personally, because i completely agree.
        This is why i said when it started that i didn’t want to be singled out, you know?

        But i can’t change peoples minds, and i am very appreciative. But at the end of the day it has been a massive group effort.

        On the plus side, i have been running the contributor prizes, and i will humbly remove myself from the 2 that i have entered. I have won more than enough now – and i want to make sure you guys get somehting back.

        • furthermore, i have been trying really hard to reward those who gave more/assisted more.
          if you need more just let me know and i’ll be happy to come up with something

          • Dude, this was nothing against you! If your entries are worthy of victory, you deserve to win!

            It was simply a call for more impartial judging in recognition of the fact that the entire Kotaku community is awesome, not just you (though you are plenty awesome, and I am humbled by your humility!)

          • PLEASE STOP BEING SO HUMBLE – it makes it really difficult to make a point 😛

            You deserve this prize – I’ll say that again. I’m just kind of hoping that things get back to normal now, that’s all! 🙂

  • Definately the man for the prize, well done Loops, your awesome is unheard of.

    Makes me sad I don’t have a PC soni could get more involved in TAY. The iPhone gives me the shits when it comes to typing things out.

  • Congratulations Chuloopa! He deserves it whole heartedly.
    I don’t think any one can complain after the effort he went to. Even keeping it secret was pretty amazing.

  • Well, while getting a 3DS would have been nice, there really isn’t any denying that Chuloopa deserves it.

    I would say “congratulations”, but I think that “well done” is a better word for something he’s earned rather than gotten by luck. Well done, Chuloopa.

  • Rigged! Recount!

    Haha but really oh my god! Thank you so much! That is so epic! As zac said I had a bit of a moment just then when I was smiling a little too much during a fiscal policy lecture.
    I’ll also tell myself a bit of this win is attributed to how awesome my idea of a 3d mech warrior is. Which is pretty bloody awesome.

    Thank you so so much mark, and thank you to everyone for being so gracious and supportive at the announcement. I actually really wasn’t expecting this at all. Thank you al so so so much.

    On a side note, last kkp post? What happened to the gift guide, mark? Haha.

    Wow I am just so overwhelmed!

  • Congratualtions loops, i consider myself very very lucky that actually beat him once. Another well deserved win.

  • For the record, I would have asked it go to Loops if I had entered and won. I didn’t feel right trying to enter after suggesting Loops win, though, so I didn’t.

  • Although I’m not too fussed and yes I agree if Chuloopa organised all this on his own good will then he does deserve something. But hijacking a competition? It would be better if Kotaku or the Kotaku community got together and gave him something else.

    I think a move like this ostracises the less vocal readers.
    Please remember that Kotaku is not made up of only people who comment on articles.

    But Chuloopa you should in no way feel bad about this, you totally deserve it. But Yes Kotaku there are readers out there like me, who almost never comment, but are somewhat in sync with the activities.

    • That’s a fair enough way of putting it. As I said in the story — I hope you all forgive me this small indulgence. There will be more comps and more chances to win. The only reason I did this was because of the comments and all the requests for me to do it this way. Hijacking is the complete wrong word for this.

      Trust me when I say this is a complete one off.

      Hope you all understand!

  • So, basically Sir Serrels saw the mountain of entries and thought” Oh, HELL no! I’ll just give it to Chuloopa.” 😀

  • Grats Loops! Couldn’t have ended up in more deserving hands!

    Also, it has to be said that the entire KotakAU community deserves a pat on the back for being selfless about this, from nomming him for it to having nothing but positive posts on this article. Well done to all!

    • He was the brains and braun behind the Kotaku Kristmas Project and the reason this prize and many more were available to win in the first place.

      • Then make a post applauding his efforts and give him a 3DS, don’t make a competition to just give it to him. Pretty unprofessional in my opinion.

        • That’s not how it went down.

          Going through the entries there was a massive amount of people abstaining from the comp, and also a large number of folks asking that he receive the prize. It’s not unprofessional. It’s the will of the people!

          It was not my intention to create a competition just to give it someone — it’s a pain in the arse to run a competition. I have to put together terms and conditions. Trust me if I had know it was going to go down like this I wouldn’t have bothered with all of that.

          As I said before, there will be plenty more competitions to enter and win. Doing this any other way would have felt wrong.

          • All being said thanks for the reply Mark, it is good to get a logical response rather than outright “White Knightery” defence. Thanks for the clarification.

          • As I’ve said in other comps — this is a one time thing. Forgive me this one indulgence. This is what the vast vast majority of the community wanted. We wouldn’t have had any of the comps running over the past two weeks if it wasn’t for this guy working off his own back in his own spare time to create something truly unique, something I haven’t seen in any of the online communities I’ve been involved with.

          • You asked a question (“Err what has this guy done?”) I answered it.
            How is that “White Knightey”?

    • He obtained all the prizes for the contests, spoke with all the companies to try and get the merch to give to the kotaku guys, he wrote the competitions. Hell without him, there wouldn’t be a 3Ds to be won.

      Pretty clear this guy didn’t read the competitions!

      • This was also done completely without me knowing, by a member of the community, just because he thought it would be nice for everyone in the community to have nice things.

        I understand if this might be weird if you haven’t been following the whole situation, but most of us have, and this is very well deserved.

  • Congrats Chuloopa the King of Kotaku and King of Kotaku Competitions 😀

    Free PSP and 3DS! Woo!!

    Did Chuloopa actually enter the contest? I’m just wondering what his entry was (so I don’t have to track it down through 300+ comments)

    • I mentioned it in my comment above mate. it was mechwarrior 3.

      Seriould, imagine how amazing that would be in full 3d

      • Oh I guess I missed that but just mentioning the game isn’t as good as seeing the usual Chuloopa awesomed up entry 😀

        I’m sure your entry wasn’t just “Mechwarrior 3” (maybe it was?). Anyways congrats again! Oh and I never played Mechwarrior 3 so I can’t comment on how awesome it’ll be in 3D 😛

        Kinda annoying how greedy people are getting and are complaining that you won…

  • Am I the only one who thinks that competitions should be competitions and not Mark Serrels giving people he likes free things?

    • If you want to get technical It’s something gametraders gave to me to give to the contributors of the kotaku kristmas project which i then decided to make available to anyone, including your ungrateful self.
      If the entrants and staff have decided they would like me to have it for the literal months of effort I have put into the thing, for which I never asked for anything, then that’s up to them.
      At then end of the day I still also posted a legitimate entry just like anyone else.

      • lol ungrateful. Yep sure, someone’s developing an ego. First of all im not downplaying anything you have done for Kotaku AU, I’m simply stating that if they announce a competition it should be a competition and that they merely should have given you the 3DS and possibly made a post thanking your efforts etc.

        • An ego? Hardly.

          As Mark said, this started out as a competition. Nothing shady has happened.
          I’m only saying be grateful because i worked really damn hard to organize prizes that i thought everyone would like. I never did anything for my own benefit, and mark didn’t hand me anything “Just because he likes me”

          Do you have any idea how many emails were sent?
          How many hours were spent?
          How far in studies i have fallen behind?
          All just to try and make the community happy. to give them somehting they probably wouldn’t have had otherwise?

          I am in no way saying i deserve this, but am humbly accepting this extreme gesture of gratitude from the community and staff.

          I am sorry if you feel ‘sour grapes’, for lack of better words, but it’s done now.

          i’d do it all again to, even for comments like yours, i like to see people happy and i want the community that has made me feel so welcome to be rewarded for their friendly dispositions.

          • Sorry, Chuloopa I never meant it to be a criticism of you or that you don’t deserve it. That was never my intention, I respect the effort and time that you went into to provide the KKP as I went through and read all the posts today.

            My issue was towards how Mark handled it but he replied to my post and clarified it for me.

            No ill will was directed towards you and although I don’t agree the method you were awarded but as Mark said, a one time thing. I completley agree with their decision to award you for your contribution to the community.

    • If you want to get technical It’s something gametraders gave to me to give to the contributors of the kotaku kristmas project which i then decided to make available to anyone, including your ungrateful self.
      If the entrants and staff have decided they would like me to have it for the literal months of effort I have put into the thing, for which I never asked for anything, then that’s up to them.

      At then end of the day I still also posted a legitimate entry just like anyone else.

    • If Mark had intended from the beginning to just give the prize to Chuloopa, there’s no reason why he wouldn’t have just done that! We’ve always been open and honest with the community and Mark of all people cares a great deal about how the community feels — he would never run a competition for the sake of running a comp, only to award the prize to someone he’d already had in mind. That would be dodgy, and Monsieur Squirrels is certainly not that!

      If you read through the competition thread you’ll see that a lot of people wanted the prize to go to Chuloopa because he made a huge contribution to the KKP. These competitions are run for the community, so when we receive such a strong response from the community, then we can’t help but think that maybe they’re right. In this instance, Mark felt that it was the right thing to do.

      I can understand that some people might be disappointed that the competition didn’t turn out as planned, but no one set out to mislead and no puppies were stomped on in the process of awarding Chuloopa the prize… So let’s just look forward to the next comp! 🙂

  • Chuloopa? 3DS? Kotaku?

    I think you’re just making things up now, Mark – I’m pretty sure all those things are bogus, just like the competition you’re talking about.

    Wait, who’s this Mark Serrels guy anyway? Certainly not someone I’ve ever heard of!

  • Well next time I know not to waste my time reading through 8 pages of entries to come up with something that hadn’t been mentioned before. Not saying my entry was the best one there. But whatever, seems like the winner was choosen before the contest had even started.

      • That’s not true. All the complaints here have been responded to reasonably. Like Mark Serrels just said: “point taken.”
        I assume it was difficult for Mark to read these criticisms because, as he stated before, he thought he was doing what the majority of Kotakuites had asked him to do. So no matter what he did, there were going to be criticisms and unhappy people. I commend him for responding to the criticisms here and explaining his reasoning. 🙂

        • I agree with this. It’s a decision that was going to make people unhappy either way, really, and I’m proud of Sr Serrels for defending it so reasonably.

          For the record, I don’t necessarily agree with the decision (though I’m not 100% against it either), but I respect it and I definitely don’t consider the prize undeserved in any way!

          • Sure he deserves it. I mean, he did go to a lot of effort to organise all the prizes and my thanks to him for doing so. But I do feel as though, instead of having a competition, maybe just a:

            “And here’s today’s giveaway: To Chaloopa! For all the fantastic work he did for going out of his way to get all these great prizes to give away our readers”

            I don’t think it was rigged in any way, and I don’t think that Chaloopa would have went to the effort of obtaning the 3DS just to make sure he himself won it. But, like I said, I do think that you, Mark, already had the winner in mind. (Deservedly so)

    • Think you’re not seeing the bigger picture here soldier.

      -People wanted Chuloopa to have it, but can you speak for the majority? and no, the majority is not necessarily regular commenters.

      -Selfish is the wrong word. Put yourself in a new-reader’s shoes, he wouldn’t know who Chuloopa is, nor understand what the hell just went on.

      -Cut new guys some slack and make comments which help integrate them instead of isolating them.

      • Pretty much this. I’m not really a new reader, but I’ve only fairly recently been starting to read and post in the comments.

        To a new reader, since the articles say the prizes were from Chaloopa, they could think that he worked with the guys.

  • Well deserved Loops!

    And guys, take it easy on Mark. He’s pretty much damned if he did damned if he didn’t in this case. I thought it was a good call.

  • How… Some sour grapes here! I think my entry rocked pretty hard, but given the circumstances… I say CONGRATS to chuloopa! Well deserved, and I think the Mechwarrior 3 entry is AWESOME I’d rebuy a 3ds

        • Chuloopa u cunning dog!

          Selflessly putting in the effort and giving away prizes expecting nothing in return, only to win the accolades of the masses (including mine).

          Well played 😉
          Congrats man

          It was planned

          • heh? the second part of my comment isnt there… pfft probably too late for this but i’ll just continue here.

            It was planned to perfection. I think its not he 3DS you won that is the best prize, but the respect of the people.

  • Little disappointed at the short-sightedness of some of the comments that are starting to surface.

    Besides, Loops knows I should have won…


  • The one day I block the internet to get some work done and I miss the controversy! Congrats Loops, great job. 🙂

  • Hey peeps, quite a few comps are still open in Talk amongst yourselves. Go enter and win some awesome stuff.

  • I will say this as gently as I can.

    Chuloopa, I appreciate everything you’ve done here but I really don’t think this was a good idea. It’s common sense that competition organisers are not eligible to enter. If Allure had announced a winner and simultaneously announced it was giving Loop a 3DS too they would be above reproach.

    I hope I have commented on this page enough for you guys to know I mean this in the best possible spirit.

    As I have said before, what Chuloopa did was awesome.

  • Grats man, sounds like you deserve it and its a happy ending.

    Just beware of the 3DS, i played mario too long and I think it gave me a tooma.

  • Mad respect to loops, but I’m pretty sure this decision is actually a violation of the terms and conditions of the competition…

      • I thought he hadn’t actually entered, so my bad on that. However, as the supplier of the prize, he could be considered to an associated agent of the competition (see point 2)

        Secondly, Mark has stated in the decision that Chuloopa won for his efforts in helping with the competitions, and that his giving the DS to him is an “indulgence”. Point 7 states “This is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winner. Each entry will be individually judged based on literary and creative merit.”.

        Whilst the judge has the final say on the matter, the final say can only be within the contraints of the terms and conditions.

        • Look, I see your point. I see everyone’s points. Still, given the circumstances, I still think this was the correct decision. Maybe it was in violation of the terms of conditions, but are you really going to go down that road, when it was a well intentioned decision? There’s no foul play here, none at all. I was just trying to do the right thing.

          It was for a competition. I set up the comp fully intending to treat it like any other comp. When I was going through all the entries an overwhelming amount of people demanded I give it to Chuloopa for his efforts. I thought, why not. This is a great ending to a beautiful thing which he was the figurehead of. It makes sense, everyone will agree with this.

          What I probably underestimated was the amount of people who don’t engage with the site as regulars, and entered thinking it was just a regular competition, which it kind of wasn’t. I have no intention of making Kotaku the kind of place that caters only to regulars and excludes all others, that was not my intention. I understand the fact that some may have felt slighted, but it was a damned if you do, damned if you don’t sort of thing.

          That’s my last word on the piece. To be perfectly honest I’m feeling a little disheartened by the way people have reacted to this. It’s understandable, but I thought people would understand this decision and applaud it. Maybe I was being a little too optimistic.

          • You really don’t get it. It IS a regular and legally regulated competition. It may “feel right” to give it to him, but the fact is it is legally bound by terms and conditions that were presented to all. There’s no grey area as to whom could enter, and to say so is in fact further discrimination.

            I know it may seem like a small competition and no big deal, but the fact is there are many laws in place regarding competitions that you have not adhered to. You say it’s a “one time thing”, but i’d like to see how far that defence gets you in court.

            I don’t mean to sound bitter because i’m not, but you really need to think about these things in future.

          • I do get it. I see your point completely. I’m not questioning you at all. Rest assured this won’t be happening again. I hope that’s enough for you. 🙂

          • Hahaha! It’s not about me, I don’t mean to sound like i’m having a go at you. I would like to point out I understand why Chuloopa was chosen, and i’ve no doubt it was done with the best of intentions. But I love this site, and I just don’t want to see people get in trouble over this sort of stuff.

            But enough of all this. Peace!

  • First of all, I want to say well done to Loops for all the work he did on the KKP.

    However, I would like to address what may or may not be missteps in this last phase of the competition.

    Loops is a known commenter among the KotakuAU community, anyone who lurks regularly will have probably seen his posts. Those who don’t follow the site regularly might not know Chuloopa or his role in the KKP, so his sudden acquisition of a 3DS console may come as an apparent blindside.

    It’s unfortunate that members of the community feel that some degree of favoritism has taken place, but I think it’s understandable why they may feel slighted.

    • I agree, but if I hadn’t given it to him, just as many people would have felt slighted. I feel like I’ve already said my piece on multiple posts throughout here.

      This is a one time thing, and there will be many more comps to enter.

    • “It’s unfortunate that members of the community feel that some degree of favoritism has taken place”

      Well… to be fair, favoritism HAS taken place. By everyone who wanted Chaloopa to win and by Mark by saying that he deserved to win because of eveything he did for the competitions.

  • Also very poor idea on the comp. Kotaku has left itself damn wide open to legal recourse if someone complained under the lotteries act. Not that I’m going to.

  • I feel I have to say that I’m not trying to make Mark feel bad for his decision or make Chuloopa feel bad for winning.

    Chuloopa went far and beyond the call of duty by approaching these companies by himself in order to give back to the Kotaku community.

    And Mark is the best writer on this site and I understand the reason as to wy he awarded the prize to Chuloopa. Just think a contest wasn’t the best way to go about it.

    But I’ve already said that, so I’ll stop repeating myself now. In summary:



    Seriously though, I can see the points of both sides, with Chuloopa really deserving something for his efforts and that a competition being ‘given’ to someone would annoy those who entered. Many are saying that Mark mishandled the situation and that may indeed be the case. However many of the reactions, in my opinion, are worse than the original issue. While some have remained diplomatic and have got their point across with grace and tact, others border on direct attacks on Mark and Chuloopa. These types of comments only serve to divide the community on the issue even more, and villainise Chuloopa and Mark. Come on guys and gals – we’re better than this.

    My 2 cents.

  • the only person who really has a right to complain about this in my opinion is the guy from game trades and by the sounds of it i doubt he would care very much. I don’t understand how people could get so upset about not winning a competition that cost nothing to enter your not losing anything and at the risk of sounding corny giving it to loops means everyone wins

    • I’m pretty sure (as in, don’t kill me if i’m wrong) that Gametraders actually gave the prize to Chuloopa, and Loops was the one that decided it should be up for grabs in the contest, so i’m pretty sure Gametraders isn’t going to have a problem with the prize going to the guy they initially gave it to in the first place 😛

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