Kotaku Kristmas Giveaways: 3DS Winner

This is the last Kotaku Kristmas Project post. It's been a crazy road, and I'd like to thank everyone who participated. We've had some awesome competitions, and next week I'll be making sure that everyone gets their prizes, but for now we still have one winner to announce — the winner of the 3DS.

Now I went through the entries — and there were over 300 comments in the 3DS competition page — and a couple of things because abundantly clear. Firstly, there were many solid entries, but secondly, there was a chorus of voices I simply couldnt ignore. People were abstaining from the competition, people were screaming at me to simply give it to the one person who obviously deserved the prize.

And that person is, of course, Chuloopa.

I want to thank everyone for entering the 3DS prize, and coming up with a huge amount of worthy entries, but I just feel like Chuloopa deserves a little something extra for putting this whole thing together, and in this last KKP post I think it's fitting that he gets the attention and the reward he deserves.

Chuloopa didn't ask for anything, in fact he pleaded with me on numerous occasions to play down his involvement, but I don't think it's right to give the 3DS to anyone but him.

I hope you forgive me this indulgence, because I'm sure you'll all agree, the man deserves it.

Congrats Chuloopa — you are the winner of the 3DS!

Thanks to everyone who entered all the comps, I'll be in touch with all of you next week with your prizes!


    *cough* rigged *cough*

    j/k :)

    Good on you Mark

    and Loops congrats man you deserved it!

    Grats, but I think he needs some games to go with it...

    Can I organise next year's KKP? :)

    Congrats Loops!

    Congrats Loops, don't go burning down the Allure offices or anything, even those of us who entered and really wanted to win can't argue with this. You really do deserve it.


    I think it's clear the winner of the final KKP is the most worthy recipient.
    Congratulations, Loops, and enjoy.

    If anyone complains about this result, I will arrange for bad things to happen to them. Next time they stub a toe? Yeah son, that was me.

    Watch out.

    This is excellent news. I approve this decision.

    Congrats to Chuloopa, and to everyone else who won stuff.

    This competition was rigged....
    I declare a recount!

    No seriously, the midget deserves it. Well done loops

    It would have felt wrong had it turned out any other way.

    Great to see the man getting what he deserves, well something at least. I think he needs a few games. Who agrees Loops should, at least, get Mario 3D land from the review earlier last year ?!
    Also, way to get him trouble at uni, awesome reaction from the man who won a 3DS
    'it's not that funny' -lecturer
    '-giggle- I just won a ds -giggle- -locks phone-' -Loops

      He's won two of the last three kudos prizes; hopefully one (or both) of these will end up being 3DS games!

    So glad this was the decision Mark... this just had to happen.

    Congrats Loops

    Saw this coming.. great move. :) Grats Loops.

    Congrats Loops If I had won I would of given it to you anyway :D you totally deserved it after all that work.

    P.S I still think the entire Commander Keen Series Should be given a HD remaking (what ever its called) and put on 3DS

    I'll probably be crucified for this, but wow. There wasn't actually a competition here, just a vote? I'm not saying loops doesn't deserve it, but I am a little surprised this is how it went down.

      I understand this, but it wouldn't have felt right for me any other way. Just had to go on my gut here, hope you understand.

      There will be many more competitions on Kotaku for everyone to enter.

      well I'm sure it would have been a competition, IF there hadn't been massive outcry that Loops should have won. I'm sure that most people who entered, had they won, would have requested it went to loops. I agree with you that it seems shady to have a contest and then not obey the rules of the contest, but I recognize, and called out for, the decision to just give him the prize


      If Loops wrote anything at all in that thread, it could be taken as an official entry which was then deemed to be of sufficient literary level to be considered the best in show, as determined by the judge.

      Then there's the "Judge's decision is final" thingy.

      So it'd all work within the T&Cs, as I understand it.

      In case you're looking for competition justification for it.

        'Cept he wrote quite a bit more than 25 words ;)

        But anyway Mark's decision is absolute; you don't need no justification.

          I actually amended that first entry to be within the word limit a couple of pages later :)

      I ain't gonna crucify you. I see your point, and I partially agree. But, like everyone else, I think Loops winning is the best option. Besides, for him, it's more 'earning' than 'winning'. :P

      To an extent, I agree with you Ynefel.

      I’ve been doing some thinking, and I have decided to post about my misgivings. I want to say upfront that I think Chuloopa is a great guy, who did a great thing by organising the KKP and I wouldn’t begrudge him a thing, but I think some perspective has been lost along the way here, and he is (for want of a better way to put it) reaping all the benefits from the generosity of upwards of 50 people.

      I know that several Kotaku readers donated huge amounts of money to the KKP (Tech Knight for example, and I think from memory, welbot as well gave $100 apiece, and my contribution came to nearly $70 with cash and goods). I say this not to highlight the contribution of individuals, but to remind everyone that thousands of dollars were raised to give the Kotaku staff a Christmas present, and that money came from a lot of people.

      In addition, people like Harli and Doc What? were heavily involved in organisation as well, rallying the Sydney troops for the Allure invasion, and co-ordinating the goods at the delivery end.

      Again, I would say that I don’t want to begrudge Chuloopa a thing, and I definitely don’t want him to feel guilty for accepting this prize, which I do believe he deserves. I just want to say, enough, please. He has won two Kudos, a kingship and a 3DS for organising the KKP. I think that might be enough.

        Dude i won't take it personally, because i completely agree.
        This is why i said when it started that i didn't want to be singled out, you know?

        But i can't change peoples minds, and i am very appreciative. But at the end of the day it has been a massive group effort.

        On the plus side, i have been running the contributor prizes, and i will humbly remove myself from the 2 that i have entered. I have won more than enough now - and i want to make sure you guys get somehting back.

          furthermore, i have been trying really hard to reward those who gave more/assisted more.
          if you need more just let me know and i'll be happy to come up with something

            Dude, this was nothing against you! If your entries are worthy of victory, you deserve to win!

            It was simply a call for more impartial judging in recognition of the fact that the entire Kotaku community is awesome, not just you (though you are plenty awesome, and I am humbled by your humility!)

            I'm really not trying to steal anyone's thunder :S

              PLEASE STOP BEING SO HUMBLE - it makes it really difficult to make a point :P

              You deserve this prize - I'll say that again. I'm just kind of hoping that things get back to normal now, that's all! :)

                haha i can't see any reason as to why it wouldn't :P

    Definately the man for the prize, well done Loops, your awesome is unheard of.

    Makes me sad I don't have a PC soni could get more involved in TAY. The iPhone gives me the shits when it comes to typing things out.

    It was an obvious choice. Loops deserves it.

    I'm happy with that result. It's what I was hoping for and the reason I didn't enter. Well done Chuloopa!

    Congratulations fine sir, very much deserved :D

    Congratulations Chuloopa! He deserves it whole heartedly.
    I don't think any one can complain after the effort he went to. Even keeping it secret was pretty amazing.

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