Kotaku Kristmas Giveaways: Trine 2!

Kotaku Kristmas Giveaways: Trine 2!

As you may remember, the Kotaku offices were invaded by a horde of awesome members of the Kotaku community bearing gifts. Turns out the gifts weren’t just for us — Kotaku Kristmas Project leader Chuloopa actually gathered up loads of extra stuff to giveaway to Kotaku readers, and this is the first competition!

Take it away Chuloopa!

Christmas may be over for the regular folk, but thanks to the fantastically generous people at Frozenbyte games, we have FIVE copies of Trine 2 for Steam to give away as part of our Kotaku Kristmas Project!

Trine 2 is a puzzle platformer, requiring the player to use the skills of the three characters, Amadeus the wizard, Zoya the thief, and Pontius the knight, to cross each game level. As with the first game, the mystical “Trine” has bound the three characters together into one common entity, and thus the player controls only one character which can be switched to the other two at any time. Each of the characters has unique abilities: Amadeus can use magic to grab onto certain objects in the game world, and create boxes and planks to be used to get around; Zoya can strike at objects with her arrows, and grapple onto certain surfaces; and Pontius is strong in combat against foes, can bash apart walls, and deflect projectiles with his shield. A combination of these elements are necessary to complete each stage in the game’s world.

Game Features

• Physics-based puzzles with fire, water, gravity and magic • Online and local co-op for up to three players • Save anywhere to play as long or short sessions as you like • Unlimited Character and Game+ modes add to additional replay value • Accessible for both casual and hardcore gamers • Hidden collectibles extend the length of your adventure • Fun and challenging Achievements to unlock • Soundtrack composed by the acclaimed Ari Pulkkinen

What do you have to do to win this absolutely fantastic and critically acclaimed masterpiece of Indie ?

Trine 2 see’s the combination and teamwork of 3 classic fantasy archetypes – the Warrior, the Mage and the Theif. We want to know, if you had you choice of 3 very different types of person, real or fictional, what/who would they be, what would their powers be, and how would they be able to use those powers to work together?

Try to keep your answers under 50 words and good luck.

Drop your entries into the comments below. Terms and Conditions can be found here, and we’ll announce the winners next week!


  • I already have Trine 2, so I won’t enter, but it’s a solid game and people who don’t have it should totally enter. \o/

  • The power of bacon, power of Jack Daniels and the power of beards. With their powers combined they are the Drunk Bacon God. Crossing the land and covering it in a greasy liquoured up hairyness.

  • Sherlock homes – god-like power of deduction.
    MacGuyver – god-like power of problem solving.
    James Bond – god-like power of seduction.

    MacGuyver would be the teams tech specialist obviously. Basically like Q, but able to achieve similar outcomes with a pez dispenser and some rubber bands. Holmes would deduce the actual culprit in the first five minutes, saving a lot of money to-and-froing around the globe. I’m sure a cash strapped MI6/CIA would appreciate this. Bond would do what Bond does best – picking up chicks and then killing their employers.

    If I could add a fourth individual, I’d probably choose Gregory House to treat the resultant STI’s, but instead Bond will have to settle for McGuyver’s cure all made from coconut rum and cheese-sticks.

      • This. LOL
        I spend too much time procrastinating in TAY.
        Plus live in Melbourne
        Plus i have no qualifications of any kind.
        Plus the team there are already doing an overly-awesome job. 😀

  • Superman with his Silver age powers and Bulk and Skull from Power Rangers.

    Superman to do everything, Bulk and Skull to screw things up so that it’s slightly more challenging for Supes.

  • Three very different characters? Geeze, alright.
    Jaesa Willsaam(Swtor) – She’s evil, sadistic and powerful. She has a lightsaber, power over the force and can detect if people are inherently good, bad or otherwise. Wheres the downside again?
    Spike Spiegel(Cowboy Bebop) – The rogue. He can pack a punch and look stylish while doing so. Excellent with a gun and a vehicle, you can be sure i’d want him on my side.
    Bryan Fury(Tekken) – Genetically engineered, tank like character. Hell, he can rip off the turrets of tanks. He’s our meatshield and by god does he do a good job of it.

  • I would take Batman, the red power ranger and Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone. Because batman and Red ranger need their grub!

  • Michael Westen – Can fix anything with duct tape & zip ties & drives a Dodge Charger!
    Walter White – Can cook up all sorts of potions & other chemistry related things.
    Batman – Cause he has a utility belt with SHARK REPELLENT!!

    Also Loops; 50 words isn’t enough man D:

    • “Also Loops; 50 words isn’t enough man D:”

      I guess you could always circumvent the rules by getting considerably more words by way of using an image instead? 🙂

    • sorry mate – it was more of a guideline and i didn’t realise how few words that was. lol

      Guys, feel free to go over 50 words – just don’t go crazy with a page long thing – mark does have to read and judge these, after all lol

  • Gabe Newell, George Broussard and Notch. Their power is to consume the world. I mean literally. And the world is just an entre – they’re still ravenously waiting for the main course.

  • Hmm, it’s a hard choice.

    I need narration for my adventures. This goes to David Attenbrough. I mean come on, that voice is just so damn smooth, sexy and silky. It would make even the most boring adventure incredible!

    I’ve decided I want a dragon, he can do all the flying, climbing, fire breathing and buttkicking. His name… Spyro.

    Last but not least… I need someone with magic. This goes to my Mage from my long forgotten but still loved WoW account. I need not explain 😛

  • How about, like, a fat Norse warrior with a shield to block stuff, a big, burly one with a sword to hit stuff, and a quick, nimble little one to run fast and push buttons? And by their powers combined, they summon Adam Sandler.

  • 1st person with the power to engulf a door in corrosive slime (Ben 10)
    2nd person with an idetic memory (Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory)
    3rd person with the power to remove ones self from our dimension to hide but is unable to move once outside our dimension (some wizards in DnD)

    They would work together to rob banks across the globe, the idetic memory would review all security cameras so that 1st would be able to corrode doors so that 3rd could hide as soon as the camera looks at them.

    Not exactly “creative” but better than nothing!

  • Clint Eastwood – Famed Cowboy, Like the Rogue?
    Barack Obama – Similar to the Wizard, a powerful political candidate if ever there was one..
    Arnold Schwarzenegger – Terminator. Governator, Warrior-ator?

  • Under my control 1) My Mother-In-Law (cleaning) 2) Jamie Oliver (cooking) 3) Jamie Drury (home reno & storage for all three peep) – life would be sweet!

    • More specifically:
      Luke Skywalker – Jedi Knight, lightsabers and the force would be handy for gardening
      Princess Leia – Power of persuasion
      Han Solo – Shoot first, ask questions later.

  • Commander Shepard – Paragon, Biotic with Assault Rifles
    Jackie Chan – In his younger days. Martial Artist extraordinaire
    Morgan Freeman – Because Morgan Freeman

  • The Joker from Batman Animated Series.
    Captain Jack Sparrow.
    Sean Connery as James Bond.

    What will they do? seduce wemon, drink spirits and cause chaos around the world.
    I have no idea why I picked those three together but you said they had to be unrelated!

  • 1/ Steve Jobs – the power to bend the wills of billions to my cause with minimal effort, and just as little substance.

    2/ Sigourney Weaver – in case aliens of any variety show up and need to be given whatfer.

    3/ Gordon Ramsay – the ability to make anyone feel completely insignificant and worthless, regardless of status. Also makes a mean souflee.

  • Chuloopa – with the power of getting things done.
    Lamboman007 – with the power to break the world.
    Sughly – he always delivers.

  • Han Solo: for being a wise-cracking rogue and expert pilot
    Indiana Jones: for his mastery of whip usage and never losing his hat.
    Rick Deckard: Because every story needs a grizzled detective type, and you might as well have one that can go toe to toe with souped-up replicants.

    I’m pretty sure these three could make it through just about any contrived setting Hollywood can throw at them.

  • So… what you really need is 3 characters that are awesome on their own, but each compliments the abilities of either and both of their companions.

    My pick would be:
    – Edward Scissorhands – Melee + Crafting hair/plants into different tools&weapons
    – Poison Ivy – Ranged attack from plants + Creates plant walls & vines
    – Rapunzel – Swings on vines + Hair ranged combat

    • (also worth noting that rapunzel would be able to swing on her own hair, but vines would be better for this)

  • I would have:

    Gabe Newell – His special power is “Blue-Balling” in which he teases you with something about Half Life 3, but then does nothing to confirm or deny its’ plausibility.

    My Year 12 Physics teacher – He would begin teaching physics to the enemy, then get side-tacked, talk about his weekend, and bore the enemy to death.

    The Proclaimers: In case we needed to make an epic journey to fall down at someone’s door. There is no-one else I would rather walk 500 miles with.

  • All I’m seeing is a bunch of characters to make the game easier, I want a little bit of a challenge at least.
    Tommy Pickles(Rugrats): With his lockpicking skills and unwaivering fearlessness.
    Fulton(The Might Ducks): The enforcer and slapshot specialist.
    Amaterasu(Okami): With the Celestial Brush techniques.

    I think with a bit a teamwork these guys could accomplish a lot.

  • Either half of Daft Punk – To bring the epic suits of armour.

    Albert Einstein – To tell me the time I’m spending playing games is relative.

    Jordi LaForge – To scan every subparticle and build weapons that break all current known laws of physics.

  • Max Ray – Brilliant sea operations commander.
    Jake Rockwell – Rugged land operations specialist.
    Ace McCloud – Daring air operations expert.

    Whatever the challenge, they are ready.

  • Stormtrooper, long range.
    Jedi, close combat lightsaber.
    Sith, kind of what the magician is…

    Mmm. That might just be another Star Wars game I lose millions of hours into.

  • Thomas Aquinas – priest powers.
    Solomon bar Isaac – rabbi powers.
    Abdul Hadi Palazzi – Islamic scholar powers.

    Individually, they don’t do much – but when they walk into a bar together, watch out!

  • Chuck Norris – Arse kicking of course
    Arnold Schwarzenegger – For the one liners
    Mario – Does whatever it takes to rescue the princess

  • Genghis Khan – To trod further on the downtrodden (Warrior)
    Sauron – To star people into submission (Mage)
    Houdini – To get out of any trap, solve any puzzle (Thief)

  • Chuck Norris – The power to destroy anything and defy the laws of physics
    MacGyver – The power to make anything out of anything
    (“Here is a paperclip and a rubberband…. Please save my dog”)
    Charlie Sheen – The power to be always WINNING

    10 points if you pick the quote. And im super surprised that no one has mentioned Chuck yet.

    I’ve started using my proper screen name on here now – althought I’m still annoyed my Gravatar never seems to work

    Also Chuloopa what was the big OzGS news you were promising? I didn’t hear anything.

  • Grim Reaper, master of death. The Doctor (who), master of time and space. And a clown, because who doesn’t love clowns?

  • well i would have to go with Earth, Wind and Fire and when they work together they can make funky music to chill everyone out LOL!

  • 1) The Grim Reaper. (kill whoever gets in the way)
    2) The Angel Gabriel. (The Guiding Light to light the way)
    3) Bozo the Clown. (Comic Relief)

    No foe will stand in there way as the guiding light shows the way with tongue in cheek humour as the jouney onward.

  • This should be easy ..
    1 – Chuck Norris – Nuff said
    2 – Kim Jong-il – Didn’t you know? He can change the weather depending on his mood
    3 – Darth Vader – Baddest future Villain around!! Jedi powers, you know it.

    Kim Jong casts different weather, Chuck Norris being Chuck Norris can withstand any conditions and well Darth Vader, he wears armour.

  • Hopefully we’re allowed multiple entries, cause I just thought of something better.

    Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, James Earl Jones. The 3 men worthy of voicing God. So surely they must have other useful skills, and if not, THEY ARE THE VOICE OF GOD

  • 1) Captain James T Kirk of the Starship Enterprise: for his noble leadership abilities and his willingness to bed any sexy female alien he comes across.

    2) Ensign Ricky: to be bait and/or a meat shield.

    3) Ensign Jimmy: See point #2.

  • Nightcrawler – His ability to teleport and being able to blend into shadows, coupled with his great agility and flexibility, make him an ideal stealth/ranged character. Good for hit and run tactics.
    Yomiko Readman from Read or Die – Her ability to manipulate paper to various ends (bulletproof shields, weapons, transport, constructs), limited only by her imagination, makes her a good defensive character able to adapt to the situation and protect the group. On top of this she can extreme speed read, and memorize every word she has read make her a good knowledge resource.
    Tim Drake/Red Robin – Has high level martial arts skills, but it’s his intellectual, deductive and leadership skills that determine his place in the group as a strategist.

  • I think the three characters would be:

    1.Arnold Schwarzenegger of the 80s (Not present day). He’d be the strongman. Powers are: Strength and witty murder phrases.

    2. Milla Jovovich from Resident Evil. Powers are: Acrobatics and looking hot.

    and finally

    3. Me. Because I love playing with myself. Powers are: Replay Action and Magic… because I’m also magical. I once morphed two ducks together using nothing but masking tape.

    I think you can see how this would work. Arnie would beat the enemies to death while saying things like “I’ll CRUSH you with my MUSCLES” and Milla would be able to jump up stuff and show off sexy poses while doing combat and of couse I’d be there to morph everything together… and be awesome. Did I mention the awesome part?

    I would have just said Chuck Norris as that’s all you’d need but then the game wouldn’t be challenging, it would just start up and Chuck would blink and every enemy in this game and in your entire collection of games would fall dead and your sister impregnated.

  • Captain Planet – because looting and polluting is not the way
    Optimus Prime – who doesn’t want to turn into a truck?!
    Rtas ‘Vadum – no matter how many times I tried to kill him in Halo, he wouldnt die

  • Piccolo, from Dragonball, not only is he a beastly powerhouse and a good tactician, his regenerative abilities make him a useful meat shield.

    Alfred, Batman’s faithful butler, who would be useful as a support character from the sidelines, and who would be admired for his uncanny wit and frequent sarcastic jabs.

    Miss Piggy, the most badass Muppet of them all, able to use her feminine ways to trick the enemy before hi-jump kicking them with her infamous ‘HI-YAH’ battle cry.

    The aim is to confuse the enemy, who are likely to focus their efforts on the strong looking guy, Piccolo. Then Miss Piggy joins the fray! Alfred serves tea.

  • 1. Detective Frank Drebin of Police Squad – Catastrophic clumsiness and dim-wittedness that always seems to work out in the parties favor.

    2. Mr. T – to rap

    3. Gobei from Beverly Hills Ninja – Supreme stealth

    Mr. T would bust out a rap on how the enemy should “respect his mother”, while Frank joins in, popping up in a stereotypical borderline-racist outfit, but promptly destroys half of the PA equipment. In the ensuing confusion Gobei silently takes out all he bad guys, with Frank and Mr.T none the wiser

  • GlaDos – The power of tormenting people’s souls into a cloud of poisonous vapour

    Chuck Norris – The power of being able to do whatever they want, even winning this competition!

    Lady Gaga – The power to hypnotize people with different sets of clothes and turn them into crazed worshippers of her.

  • Tony Abbott – He belittles, insults and criticises the enemy regardless of whether or not there is any good reason to. Then when the enemy is confused and distracted in comes Dr Octogonapus


    Then the cookie monster comes in and om nom noms the ashes.

    An unlikely trio, but I think it will work.

  • My people would be:

    Albert Einstein: His power is that he’s dead, and can do nothing!

    Howard Phillips Lovecraft: Same as above, but he’s Eldritch!

    An Old Man: He wishes he could be like the other two, and yells at clouds.

  • My three would have to be all real people. So here goes:

    Bruce Lee, Sir Ian McKellen, Victor Lustig.

    The Fighter, The Wizard and The Thief, and three of the very best dammit!

  • 3 Ninjas. Just 3 normal everyday ninjas.

    Wait, there’s no SUCH THING as Ninjas… surely not because if I had 3 of them I’d never know right because I’d never see them and if I never saw them I’d never know I had them and I’d never know they were around and I’d never be…


  • Steve the accountant, with the power to throw unscrunched pieces of paper angrily and with force. (It’s like a tantrum but without the loss of dignity when the piece of paper simply floats to the floor).

    Martha “Butch” Farthington, an 86 year old ex-boggle world champion with wits so sharp she could slice a man in half with one powerful gaze. She also has lots of spare change to get past any toll booths they might encounter.

    Hugh Jackman, with the power to make female opponents swoon, and male opponents concede to their wives’ opinions that he is indeed quite manly, giving them a severe reduction in morale, making them more vulnerable to attack.

    Jackman would be able to handle the majority of opponents, Martha would be the brains behind the operation, and Steve would be able to adequately express the group’s anger whenever something like a troll appears and it’s simply not fair.

  • Mickey from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice – The skill to duplicate objects and control them.
    Deadpool – For his near unmatched death making abilites and wisecracks
    Spy (Black or White) from Spy Vs Spy – Legendary super thief.

    • Me, my ability to destroy improve pages on allure media sites, and Gizmodo’s Whitenoise.
      Wait, that’s already been done. Let’s just say that it didn’t end well. As in “All my posts on Gizmodo get moderated these days” not well. 😛

      • My first entry, my second entry and my third entry. Together they strong! Together they will conquer! Together they give me three times the chance of winning! Together, they are THE TRIFORCE! Or, something…

        • Yeah, that’s right. I put my third entry in my third entry. I would say “We must go deeper!”, but that could end badly. No, seriously.

  • To improve the world, my three people would be:
    Tony Stark – to protect the world from dangerous threats, and provide the bankroll for humanitarian endeavors.

    Nelson Mandela – to use said bankroll and help solve poverty, world hunger and sickness.

    Professor Charles Xavier – to use his telepathy to end war and conflict, uniting peoples of all nations and allowing Mandela and Stark to do their good works everywhere.

  • Gerry Harvey: So that his whining and complaining can act as a distraction to my enemies. Then when he backflips and tries to cash-in on things, my enemies will be clutching their sides with mirth, and I shall pounce.

    Samuel L. Jackson: Just in case I even get into trouble with gangsters, mysterious briefcases, dinosaurs, Sith, or snakes and need a helping hand.

    Someone from Switzerland: Since they will be able to deal in multiple languages and multiple currencies. And if there’s ever a debate, they can remain calm and neutral.

  • To succeed in any situation you need balance between mind, body and spirit

    Raz (Psychonauts) – uses his mind to overcome any challenge
    The kid (Bastion) – uses his body shaped from wielding the mighty cael hammer to prevail
    Jade (Beyond good & evil) – Catches the ‘spirit’ of the moment with her camera (and can kick ass as well!)

  • James Earl Jones, Patrick Stewart and Morgan Freeman to have the most amazing voice ever! The very earth would tremble at my voice, I could persuade mountains to collapse, entice rivers to dry and charm everyone into world peace or eternity at war. The world would be at the mercy of my voice.

  • My team would have to be: Wolverine (from X-men, although the fuzzy animal may work too) would serve as an indestructable tank, capable of head on assults and and convenient healing factor, Gandalf the White as a powerful sorcerer who also seems to not die when killed and The Prince of Persia (from the Prince of Persia trilogy), who if near death, also manages to avoid it. Together, they are unstoppable at achieving anything, let alone being nigh unkillable!

  • A troll – mage like powers of flame, whinge, cry and fanboi stubbornness

    Quagmire from family guy – Eyesight of a peeping tom, seductive powers equal to James Bond, and the ability to be cured of any and all sti’s within 25mins or less.

    B’Elanna Torres from Star Trek Voyager – Klingon rage, the ability to understand almost all technology and relay that understanding in simpler non-condescending way and able modify any tech to do far more than was intended with little to no consequence… most of the time.

    When their powers combine the form Capt.. er I mean, the INTERNET

  • Well I would add the following people;
    1) fix-it man Wisdom
    2) Chuck, a master of Nunchucku whom is also handy at dismantling traps
    3) and Lady Nightshade, the “looker” of the group.

    If pray tell you happen to think this team of find upstanding people happen to be noithing more then a coffee mug, a toaster and a ladies shoe. Then my good fellow you clearly have gone insane. That, or working for that man who stole both my lover. For that Malcolm shall PAY!

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