Kotaku Kristmas Giveaways: Trine 2!

As you may remember, the Kotaku offices were invaded by a horde of awesome members of the Kotaku community bearing gifts. Turns out the gifts weren't just for us — Kotaku Kristmas Project leader Chuloopa actually gathered up loads of extra stuff to giveaway to Kotaku readers, and this is the first competition!

Take it away Chuloopa!

Christmas may be over for the regular folk, but thanks to the fantastically generous people at Frozenbyte games, we have FIVE copies of Trine 2 for Steam to give away as part of our Kotaku Kristmas Project!

Trine 2 is a puzzle platformer, requiring the player to use the skills of the three characters, Amadeus the wizard, Zoya the thief, and Pontius the knight, to cross each game level. As with the first game, the mystical "Trine" has bound the three characters together into one common entity, and thus the player controls only one character which can be switched to the other two at any time. Each of the characters has unique abilities: Amadeus can use magic to grab onto certain objects in the game world, and create boxes and planks to be used to get around; Zoya can strike at objects with her arrows, and grapple onto certain surfaces; and Pontius is strong in combat against foes, can bash apart walls, and deflect projectiles with his shield. A combination of these elements are necessary to complete each stage in the game's world.

Game Features

• Physics-based puzzles with fire, water, gravity and magic • Online and local co-op for up to three players • Save anywhere to play as long or short sessions as you like • Unlimited Character and Game+ modes add to additional replay value • Accessible for both casual and hardcore gamers • Hidden collectibles extend the length of your adventure • Fun and challenging Achievements to unlock • Soundtrack composed by the acclaimed Ari Pulkkinen

What do you have to do to win this absolutely fantastic and critically acclaimed masterpiece of Indie ?

Trine 2 see's the combination and teamwork of 3 classic fantasy archetypes - the Warrior, the Mage and the Theif. We want to know, if you had you choice of 3 very different types of person, real or fictional, what/who would they be, what would their powers be, and how would they be able to use those powers to work together?

Try to keep your answers under 50 words and good luck.

Drop your entries into the comments below. Terms and Conditions can be found here, and we'll announce the winners next week!


    I already have Trine 2, so I won't enter, but it's a solid game and people who don't have it should totally enter. \o/

    The power of bacon, power of Jack Daniels and the power of beards. With their powers combined they are the Drunk Bacon God. Crossing the land and covering it in a greasy liquoured up hairyness.

      Someone has been watching EpicMealTime

        Shiggy has been know to purchase Harley's sweat just to mix it with puree'd bacon and inject it directly into his veins.
        He LIVES epic meal time

          That's hilarious yet mildly disturbing man D:


    Sherlock homes - god-like power of deduction.
    MacGuyver - god-like power of problem solving.
    James Bond - god-like power of seduction.

    MacGuyver would be the teams tech specialist obviously. Basically like Q, but able to achieve similar outcomes with a pez dispenser and some rubber bands. Holmes would deduce the actual culprit in the first five minutes, saving a lot of money to-and-froing around the globe. I'm sure a cash strapped MI6/CIA would appreciate this. Bond would do what Bond does best - picking up chicks and then killing their employers.

    If I could add a fourth individual, I'd probably choose Gregory House to treat the resultant STI's, but instead Bond will have to settle for McGuyver's cure all made from coconut rum and cheese-sticks.

    Why haven't you guys hired Chuloopa already!?

      Because they know how much time he spends surfing the interwebs.

        This. LOL
        I spend too much time procrastinating in TAY.
        Plus live in Melbourne
        Plus i have no qualifications of any kind.
        Plus the team there are already doing an overly-awesome job. :D

        You say this like Serrels doesn't do that as part of his job description. ;)

    Superman with his Silver age powers and Bulk and Skull from Power Rangers.

    Superman to do everything, Bulk and Skull to screw things up so that it's slightly more challenging for Supes.

    Three very different characters? Geeze, alright.
    Jaesa Willsaam(Swtor) - She's evil, sadistic and powerful. She has a lightsaber, power over the force and can detect if people are inherently good, bad or otherwise. Wheres the downside again?
    Spike Spiegel(Cowboy Bebop) - The rogue. He can pack a punch and look stylish while doing so. Excellent with a gun and a vehicle, you can be sure i'd want him on my side.
    Bryan Fury(Tekken) - Genetically engineered, tank like character. Hell, he can rip off the turrets of tanks. He's our meatshield and by god does he do a good job of it.

    I would take Batman, the red power ranger and Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone. Because batman and Red ranger need their grub!

    Michael Westen - Can fix anything with duct tape & zip ties & drives a Dodge Charger!
    Walter White - Can cook up all sorts of potions & other chemistry related things.
    Batman - Cause he has a utility belt with SHARK REPELLENT!!

    Also Loops; 50 words isn't enough man D:

      "Also Loops; 50 words isn’t enough man D:"

      I guess you could always circumvent the rules by getting considerably more words by way of using an image instead? :)

      sorry mate - it was more of a guideline and i didn't realise how few words that was. lol

      Guys, feel free to go over 50 words - just don't go crazy with a page long thing - mark does have to read and judge these, after all lol

        Ah okay! Poor Mark, here's me thinking you were judging them =(

        I cbf expanding on mine anyway. I think it has enough. I mean it has duct tape AND shark repellent!

          noooo - i want to enter too you know :P lol

            Haha, you sly dog. What if Mark wanted to enter?!

              He got his presents! :P LOL

                I guess this is true. But you never know Trine 2 might have been something he ever so wants LOL

    Gabe Newell, George Broussard and Notch. Their power is to consume the world. I mean literally. And the world is just an entre - they're still ravenously waiting for the main course.

    Hmm, it's a hard choice.

    I need narration for my adventures. This goes to David Attenbrough. I mean come on, that voice is just so damn smooth, sexy and silky. It would make even the most boring adventure incredible!

    I've decided I want a dragon, he can do all the flying, climbing, fire breathing and buttkicking. His name... Spyro.

    Last but not least... I need someone with magic. This goes to my Mage from my long forgotten but still loved WoW account. I need not explain :P

    How about, like, a fat Norse warrior with a shield to block stuff, a big, burly one with a sword to hit stuff, and a quick, nimble little one to run fast and push buttons? And by their powers combined, they summon Adam Sandler.

    Bill Murray and i don't care who the other two are.

    It's Bill Fucking Murray

    1st person with the power to engulf a door in corrosive slime (Ben 10)
    2nd person with an idetic memory (Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory)
    3rd person with the power to remove ones self from our dimension to hide but is unable to move once outside our dimension (some wizards in DnD)

    They would work together to rob banks across the globe, the idetic memory would review all security cameras so that 1st would be able to corrode doors so that 3rd could hide as soon as the camera looks at them.

    Not exactly "creative" but better than nothing!

    Clint Eastwood - Famed Cowboy, Like the Rogue?
    Barack Obama - Similar to the Wizard, a powerful political candidate if ever there was one..
    Arnold Schwarzenegger - Terminator. Governator, Warrior-ator?

      One to Direct the movie, One to fund the movie, and one to star in the movie. One movie to rule them all!!!

    Under my control 1) My Mother-In-Law (cleaning) 2) Jamie Oliver (cooking) 3) Jamie Drury (home reno & storage for all three peep) - life would be sweet!

    Luke Skywalker
    Han Solo
    Princess Leia

    They worked damn well for three movies, why break them apart? :)

      More specifically:
      Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight, lightsabers and the force would be handy for gardening
      Princess Leia - Power of persuasion
      Han Solo - Shoot first, ask questions later.

        "Han Solo – Shoot first, ask questions later."

        ...until George gets his hands on him.. then it'll be "Shoot second, ask questions later"

          Nope, because in my team Han Solo will just shoot George :)

          Don't forget the special edition:
          Shoot at the same time. Scream No!

    Commander Shepard - Paragon, Biotic with Assault Rifles
    Jackie Chan - In his younger days. Martial Artist extraordinaire
    Morgan Freeman - Because Morgan Freeman

    The Joker from Batman Animated Series.
    Captain Jack Sparrow.
    Sean Connery as James Bond.

    What will they do? seduce wemon, drink spirits and cause chaos around the world.
    I have no idea why I picked those three together but you said they had to be unrelated!

    1/ Steve Jobs - the power to bend the wills of billions to my cause with minimal effort, and just as little substance.

    2/ Sigourney Weaver - in case aliens of any variety show up and need to be given whatfer.

    3/ Gordon Ramsay - the ability to make anyone feel completely insignificant and worthless, regardless of status. Also makes a mean souflee.

    Chuloopa - with the power of getting things done.
    Lamboman007 - with the power to break the world.
    Sughly - he always delivers.

    Han Solo: for being a wise-cracking rogue and expert pilot
    Indiana Jones: for his mastery of whip usage and never losing his hat.
    Rick Deckard: Because every story needs a grizzled detective type, and you might as well have one that can go toe to toe with souped-up replicants.

    I'm pretty sure these three could make it through just about any contrived setting Hollywood can throw at them.

    So... what you really need is 3 characters that are awesome on their own, but each compliments the abilities of either and both of their companions.

    My pick would be:
    - Edward Scissorhands - Melee + Crafting hair/plants into different tools&weapons
    - Poison Ivy - Ranged attack from plants + Creates plant walls & vines
    - Rapunzel - Swings on vines + Hair ranged combat

      (also worth noting that rapunzel would be able to swing on her own hair, but vines would be better for this)

    I would have:

    Gabe Newell - His special power is "Blue-Balling" in which he teases you with something about Half Life 3, but then does nothing to confirm or deny its' plausibility.

    My Year 12 Physics teacher - He would begin teaching physics to the enemy, then get side-tacked, talk about his weekend, and bore the enemy to death.

    The Proclaimers: In case we needed to make an epic journey to fall down at someone's door. There is no-one else I would rather walk 500 miles with.

    All I'm seeing is a bunch of characters to make the game easier, I want a little bit of a challenge at least.
    Tommy Pickles(Rugrats): With his lockpicking skills and unwaivering fearlessness.
    Fulton(The Might Ducks): The enforcer and slapshot specialist.
    Amaterasu(Okami): With the Celestial Brush techniques.

    I think with a bit a teamwork these guys could accomplish a lot.

    Either half of Daft Punk - To bring the epic suits of armour.

    Albert Einstein - To tell me the time I'm spending playing games is relative.

    Jordi LaForge - To scan every subparticle and build weapons that break all current known laws of physics.

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