Learn All About The Xbox 360 Witcher 2 This Thursday

CD Projekt RED, the studio behind The Witcher 2, will be holding a live-streamed conference revealing the XBox 360 version's release date, new features, and more this Thursday at 7PM GMT (2PM Eastern) on their Facebook page.


    Finally now hopefully they can start on a third game.

    I'm still waiting for the price to be the same as the Americans on Steam.
    I would have bought it day one if it was, but because they price gouged Aussies I've boycotted it until its the same.

    (Reason for steam, is I like all my games in one place... You know what they say about putting all your eggs in one basket?... oh, wait. :S)

      Dunno why you would want the Australian edition anyway, it's censored.

      Go to gog.com and set your location to the US. Buy for whatever the US price was (got it for $23 but it may have gone up) and then use Steam to link it.

      Not as ideal, but you'll save a bunch...and get the uncensored version.

        Actually, scratch that - just checked and early this year they were forced by Namco Bandai to put geo-IP checks in. $60 for the AU version now, and it'll also make you download the Australian version (even if it's gifted from the US). Easy to remove the censorship though.

          Damn that sucks, I really like how they intentionally created that little loophole.

    Man, I've only just got the Witcher 2 (on PC) and I can't put the bastard down. It consumes me.

    About time for the xbox port. My laptop is too shitty to play Witcher 2 even with every setting at lowest.

      so your laptop supports xbox settings?

        serious? who is this legend? Some kind of demi-god, come down from th heavens to show us all the true path to comedic genius?
        This man is superb!

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