Legendary Battlefield 3 Stunt Re-Created On Film

Check out this awesome video of a Battlefield 3 tour de force made (to seem) real. Battlefield 3 fans may remember the original in-game stunt, in which a fighter pilot leaps from his cockpit and then shoots down an enemy jet with a rocket launcher before landing safely back in his jet.

(Rumour has it the original move was so badass that the A-Team theme just sort of kicked in spontaneously.)

If you like what you see, you can watch another "Battlefield made real" video of infantry combat created by the same crew.


    Physics: People fall faster than fighter jets

      ... which is true considering planes are designed to be excellent gliders.... :)

      Unless there's butter on the underside of the jet.

      Not entirely true. Larger masses will fall faster than lighter masses.

      Areodynamic drag is also an issue. I would hypothesise that a jet facing upwards or downwards would have less drag than a sky diver with legs/arms out.

        i was being tongue-in-cheek :) lol

          Ok guys Phyisics 101. Weight does not change falling speed. The only factors that effect falling speed is surface area and air resistance. If you were to drop a 1kg weigh and a 100kg weight in a vacuum they would both hit the ground at the same time. So all though I do not have any evidence, chances are a skydiver falling head first would in fact fall faster then a jet which is designed to glide.

        er, no they don't.

          Actually, they fall at the same speed. The speed of gravity. :P

          Just look it up. Search is your friend. Objects of different sizes, masses and shapes will still fall at the same rate.

          Unless the plane starts gliding. That'll change things up.

            not quite, but mmmkay...

              its true they accelerate at gravity 9.8blahblablah meters per second however the shape etc will effect this due to air. in perfect vacuum it doesnt matter since all objects fall at the same rate. we should also consider the ejection seat. if it is aimed slightly towards the nose as the jet stalls/stops and he jumps out he will proceed to be pushed higher. also if the jets air breaks/ reverse thrust were on as he jumped out this would cause the plane to continue to slow down faster while inertia will allow him to only slow down at gravity rate. fairly simple physics.

    Physics: People can teleport through glass.

    Well, can't say I'm impressed, the only "real" thing was the ground, him parachuting down and that's about it.

    Nice effort, but yeah, massive fail on the impressive side.

      really? I thought it was a pretty good tribute to the rendezook footage.

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