Let's Take The New Steam Mobile App For A Spin!

With the new Steam mobile app (yes!) currently only available in beta form (no!), many of you probably can't actually access it. Never mind. This video is the next best thing.

This video was also recorded on my shitty old digital camera (my iPhone's lovely HD recording obviously unavailable because...that's where the Steam app is), so if you don't like the audio, well, I don't like it either.


    I have said app on android and at this stage its nothing special. Being official and advert free is a huge plus ;)

      Can you chat? I reckon the steam chat alone will save me tons of money since I can message my friends via steam!!

        Just got my access. At work messaging my mates on steam instead of wasting money, It's sooo good. =D

        You can. Much like you can message via email on your phone, or facebook message, pinger etc etc. I'm not really hurting for another app that allows me an alternative to SMS. Espeically when I have unlimited SMS on my plan ;)

        The chat works great (yay, multiclient!) except there's no group chat or multiple-person chat, which is the biggest use I have for steam chat, that is just hanging in clan chat all day.

        So far I've ONLY used it for chat. As silly as it sounds, I've got this one friend who's slightly technologically inept and somehow the easiest way to contact him at a particular moment was through steam chat. Now I have something like seven applications for messaging on my phone >.>

    Got my access this morning. Haven't had too much of an explore yet but I can already tell it is going to be SUPER dangerous at Steam sales time. All day temptation is tempting

    Also logged in this morning and found it was working.

    The chats is nice, the only issue I have with it is that it doesn't synchronise with the PC client in the same way that Jabber/Google chat does.
    I get replies on the PC but not what I send.

    i personally hate it...i have already spent money on things i won't even play...the specials feature on the catalog is seriously killing my wallet.
    I only used to sometimes check the specials but now that i can see them on the go, well...you get the idea.

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