Let’s Watch The Intro To Syndicate, Circa 1993

Let’s Watch The Intro To Syndicate, Circa 1993

The single best piece of video game news today is that the original Syndicate is now on sale over on Good Old Games for $US6. You’ll get more fun out of that game than you will most games costing 10x as much.

So let’s celebrate. Here’s the intro to the original 1993 game, lovingly crafted by Bullfrog Studios. It was, for a long time, my favourite video game intro of all time. The music, the dark, cyberpunk imagery, the sheer dastardliness of it all. That’s just a dude, getting run down by strangers, kidnapped and turned into a cybernetic killing machine.

And that’s not the most tragic part! The most tragic part is you’ll probably kill him within 10 minutes when he catches on fire because he doesn’t know how to use the dildo/banana gun properly.

You know, part of what makes EA’s upcoming reboot so…unecessary to many is that, unlike a lot of other games from the 1990s, Syndicate’s art design still looks great. Especially the game’s cities and hardware. They look like Syd Mead went and followed up Blade Runner with Blade Runners, a movie about a squad of agents who run around killing everything that moves.


  • No, what upsets people about the Syndicate reboot is that it has almost nothing in common with the game it’s supposedly rebooting.

        • Unfortunately squad based RTS have been dieing off as of late, and I don’t think they would make many sales if they kept it the same genre. However FPS are kicking ass so you can see why they are going with that.

          Shame they made it a “one man army” type of FPS where they could have made it a squad based first person shooter, say with a mix of the planning and squad commands of rainbow six games and some high tech gadgets to get the job done. That would have been cool, and a nod to the old Syndicate.

  • Still have my box and manual! I loved the descriptions of the different corperations in the Back.

    The TLC, Tasmanian Liberation consortium:

    “When they exported criminals to Australia in the 18th Century, the Brits couldn’t know what they’d started. Crime was a genetic certainty, and Australian youths were taught the finer points of maiming and slaughter at their mother’s breasts. Unfortunately, a lifetime spent intoxicated meant that Australian criminals didn’t succeed as well as their international rivals. The Tao easily established a foothold in Australasia and a lifetime of saki and sushi looked imminent.
    Then, in the Great Lager Rebellion of 2140, there was an uprising led by the Tasmanian Liberation Consortium. From their hydro-electric power-generating island base they cut off the electricity to the mainland, stunning Tao executives who could no longer operate their game consoles. They surged across the Bass Strait like beer from a barrel and drove the Tao from Australia to re-establish the Barby as the Australian national pastime.
    With a fortune made from exporting weak, fizzy lager worldwide to spend on research, the TLC gained influence and were soon second only to the Tao itself as a world power. Their agents tend to be wayward in their aim, mainly because their executive controllers are always drunk, so civilian casualties are high. But TLC agents have no real sadistic streak, and only turn nasty when denied access to Vegemite. ”

    Total class, and I’m from Tassie, so it’s a double bonus.

  • I remember that if you had a good pc, you could run this game with music AND sound. If you had a crap PC, like me. You could only get one or the other working.

    • Haha, i remember scrolling my view to an unexplored part of the screen so they would travel to their destination faster, good old Macintosh!

      Syndicate was a great game, but as I was never expecting a sequel, I’m quite happy someone is bothering to make another even if it is just a nod to the original, I like FPS best anyway so it’s win win for me!

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