Little Mac Gets Big Tribute In Minecraft Stop-Motion Video

The same folks who made that amazing Super Mario Land animation in Mojang's hit sandbox construction game have come back with yet another homage to an old-school classic.

MinecraftA2Z managed to recreate Punch-Out's first bout — where series hero Mac trades blows with Glass Joe — by manipulating millions of blocks frame by frame, in the same manner as the Super Mario Land clip.

However, unlike their work recreating the GBA title, the A2Zers had to account for colour in the Punch-Out stop-motion. That surely added more hours to their labour but the results look absolutely glorious. You can check out how they did it in this accompanying video.

Minecraft Punch Out!! in Stop Motion [YouTube]


    Amazing, but Christ this would be the most mind numbing thing to do, I don't know how they do it.

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