LunchTimeWaster(s) Round-Up

Most of us are back to work, and no doubt many of us are looking for something to do instead of work. If you click through you'll find our picks of five browser-based games that should run on most computers and make time go by just like that *snaps fingers*. These games aren't necessarily new releases, but it doesn't mean they're not worth checking out!

Cosmos Cabs

If you have ridden in a Sydney taxi, you will find that this game is a pretty accurate depiction of the cab ride experience! You drive your cab through the cosmos, avoiding other space ships and objects while keeping all your passengers on board. It's a rather tricky game because you have to move through some tight spots and watch out for the speed cameras. This particular cosmos cab driver should probably be arrested for all the internet lives she has taken.

All That Matters

The opening is a bit long, but whether or not you decide to watch it will probably determine how you interpret the game. The game introduces a character, Arthur, who finds himself disconnected from his family and the world around him — he's lost within himself and believes that he has been forgotten. This puzzle-platformer will see you working with your family members, rolling your round heads about to complete stages. Alternatively, skip the story and just treat it as a fun puzzler with some satisfying rolling mechanics. I played this with the story in mind and I think it helps to the build the journey you go through to rebuild the connection with your family.


Canabalt is by no means new and most people have at least heard of it. However I was not aware that it was available as a browser-based game, having only ever played it in iOS. It's an exhilarating side-scrolling runner where you can pick up an enormous amount of speed and just go nuts running. It doesn't matter if it's now old by Internet-people standards — it's still fantastic.

Cardinal Quest

For a change of pace (and for those with more luxurious lunch breaks), Cardinal Quest might take your fancy. It's an adventure dungeon-crawler with a lovely 1980s arcade aesthetic and is deeper than what people would normally expect from a browser-based game.

Rhythm Fireworks

It's like a minimalist Dance Dance Revolution... for the fingers! Rhythm Fireworks has an incredibly simple design and puts a twist on the DDR formula by adding a colour-changing element. Don't let the look of the game fool you — there's some solid fun right there!

Do you know of a browser-based game that you think would make a good lunchtimewaster? Leave your recommendations in the comments!


    Cardinal Quest is SOOOOOO great

    damnit half of these are blocked by my work firewall. Stupid it guy blocking newgrounds.

    YES!!!!!! Please do this round ups more often. Every week or every 2 weeks would be great. I was disappointed when the daily posts disappeared but I understood that they weren't getting enough views.

    Thanks anyway for the tips, I'll check them out at lunchtime tomorrow since it just doesn't feel right playing a lunchtimewaster at the end of the work day.

    Kingdom of loathing !

    Yay! They're back.

    Thankyou muchly. I don't see enough Flash games without the likes of this.

    "Canabalt is by no means new and most people have at least heard of it. However I was not aware that it was available as a browser-based game"

    I'm not buying that, purely because I've seen Canabalt linked as a LTW at LEAST 5 times last year. Look harder.

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