Mapstalgia Explores The Strange And Wonderful Ways Memory Changes Video Game Maps

What you're looking at is obviously not the official map of The Legend of Zelda; it's what The Legend of Zelda's map looks like to themadjuggler, one of the many contributors to Mapstalgia, a website dedicated to reproducing video game maps from memory.

Mapstalgia's Josh Millard is quickly assembling an impressive archive of video game maps as drawn from the minds of the players that lived and died there. From chicken scratch to elaborate computer-crafted creations, each work represents a gamer's experience and the lasting impression video games had on them.

The guidelines for participating are quite simple: Draw a map of something from a video game from memory, best as you can remember but no using references. This isn't about accuracy.

So take pen to paper, fire up MS Paint, or get all fancy with watercolors, and joi9n the growing army of gamers adding their vision to this wonderful project.

Mapstalgia [Official Web Site]


    I have to try this now...

    OMG, the Kings Quest 3 gave me overwhelming nostalgia. Must find a copy on an abandonware website...

        Nice, I didn't realise old games like these still got sold anywhere (other than the occasional Steam DOSBox emulated version). I think I'm going to have a ball with this site!

        Just out of interest:
        - The original developers/publishers DO get a cut, right? I thought most of them had stopped selling or caring.
        - Do they just use the DOSBox method too, or have the games been modified somehow to work in Windows? I can't find an FAQ on the site.

    Very interesting idea for a website

    The Super Mario 1-1 map approached Wesley Willis levels of craftsmanship and accuracy. Well done!

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