Mario Creator Shigeru Miyamoto Is Working On Something Brand New

Mario Creator Shigeru Miyamoto Is Working On Something Brand New

Nintendo talisman Shigeru Miyamoto is a busy man! Not only does he help in an overseer’s role on many of Nintendo’s biggest games, but he’s also revealed he’s working on something new. Really new.

While we already know he’s involved in the next Pikmin game and Luigi’s Mansion for the 3DS, Miyamoto recently told that he’s working on an “undisclosed original title.”

So it’s not Wii Music 2, then. Phew.

Shigeru Miyamoto reflects on his legacy and retirement [, via Joystiq]


  • I’m always excited when Miyamoto-san is working on a game because it’s usually something new and different.
    Wii Music wasn’t quite on par, but I’ll forgive that for pikmin and keeping mario fun for decades.

  • nintendo needs another new mascot like mario link or kirby to bring some fresh gameplay to the table in a continuing series of games. plus for new smash bros

    • Nintendo should buy up the rights to de Blob. One of the best new IP’s this gen, and now that BlueTongue has (very regrettably) closed, I can’t think of anyone better to keep Blob kicking.

    • Although i agree with you that nintendo could use a new mascot like mario or Link, i think the kirby route is the way to go. inserting kirby into whatever game play idea most interests the designers, while ensuring sales through brand recognition is one of the best ideas nintendo has ever come up with and I hope they continue to do that with whatever thier new mascot is.

  • Nintendo really does needs a new IP. They can’t keep relying on Zelda, Metorid, Donkey Kong & Mario to sell their consoles anymore.

  • It will be about a Greek electrician who must travel to the Fungus Empire to save Queen Nectarine from the evil Choopa King, Chowser.

  • If Nintendo want to win back the hearts of the hardcore gamers, they need a new mature, exclusive (and preferably first-party) IP that’s actually worth a damn. Red Steel and Mad World were the only ones I can think of for the Wii.

    If they don’t come out early with some kickass exclusive for the Wii U that’s in the vein of Perfect Dark or Goldeneye for the 64, then they will cement their position as a casual games company for another entire console generation as the serious gamers will instead buy Xbox 720s or PS4s. Since the next generation’s casual market is quickly shifting to the mobile market, I’m not sure restricting yourself to the more competitive casual market is as smart a move business-wise as it was 5 years ago when the Wii came out.

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