Mario, That's Inappropriate

There's a reason Nintendo characters don't turn up in each other's games as often as they should.

Mario's a dirty grab-ass.

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    God I want Luke's job, there's some easy work out there and there's a whole lot of hard work, and Mr. Plunkett's occupation falls into neither of those categories, but instead 'lols free monies.'

    One day mark will be able to post news as good as this.
    i think i need to sit down for a bit, after all that overwhelming awesome

      Mark Serrels is a bloody blessing, and the rest of the Kotaku AUS team are likewise awesome.
      I'm constantly amazed and thankful that both the Australian Kotaku and Gizmodo are actual proper sites with integrity, compared to the trash that their US counterparts are willing to spew forth.

    I'd complain about this article and Luke and everything but I dunno, it's a little humourous. Better than the average one liner (article, not joke).


    yes at this stage caps are required.

      If your safety advisor was doing a bad job, you could get hurt at work. Do you talk about it or do you ignore it?
      Obviously that is an extreme example, but if someone is doing their job badly, we shouldn't just look away.

      To read the comments. They are more entertaining the the article,

        Lol, this. Sometimes I just open an article and skip straight to the comments.

        I love the comments on Plunkett's zany antics. What will he post next? Nobody knows! It's a mystery!

      Because it might be a video that's at least somewhat funny. Instead we get a fullsize picture that is somehow blurrier than the header and is devoid of anything resembling humour.

      And, yeah, the comments.

    terrible example, these people can contact someone above the writers if they have an issue, im not saying ignore the whole situation but you wouldnt tell the safety adviser he isnt doing his job you would tell his boss, not scream to all the fellow employees about it.
    people are complaining about one sentence 'articles' with a one sentence complaint..

      ^this was to [razor]

        It's the only way they'll learn.

        j/k they don't read Australian comments, we're nothing to them.
        But it's good catharsis anyway.

          Do they have email adresses? people could bombard him with one sentence emails all day.

    If you're going to turn this site into Reddit, we should be able to up and downvote posts and comments. You ain't getting no Karma, fool.

    I have no problems. It takes all kinds in this world. If everything was on the more serious side of news all of the time, you would have your share of people equally as upset as some appear to be now. It's not hurting anyone.

    Mmm, sure smells old in here.

    Can't seem to find it, but I swear I've seen this on here before, as part of a larger set of pictures.


    To those who defend KotakuUS articles by spouting inane remarks (in true KotakuUS fashion) I have a question for you;

    If a person who does little to no work is earning the same or more than someone who does their job to the fullest, would you ignore it or speak out?

    Personally i would tell their manager or employer.
    In this case perhaps getting a group of people to email allure with a reasonable complaint rather than hopeing you can get him to quit or be fired (wouldn't care if he did/was) by making complaints in the comments.

    I can't speak for everyone who 'defends KotakuUS articles' 'in true KotakuUS fashion' but im not an american, and the reason i call people out is they are not helping the situation.

    Perhaps if you guys should organise a petition to send to allure or something asking for him to be moved into a different role or for him/them to not to be published here, i have seen how organised the community could be in their stealth Christmas drop to Serrells and co.

    Basically: do something productive instead of pointless bitching.

    Wow people on this site these days. Not a braincell between them. Do you even read the articles on this site. Luke Plunkett has done the vast majority of articles in the past 2 days most of them with witty dry humour and a writers opinion. After doing the vast majority of the writing he probably decided to add a quick humorous article as well. You can't slag him off for not doing his job when he did more than his job.

    I fear for future of the human race often.

    That being said, Ashcraft is a pure waste of space and should be let go.

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