Mass Effect 3 In-Game Goodies Will Do Wonders For The Kingdoms Of Amalur Demo

Who's going to download the January 17 demo for38 Studios fantasy action-RPG Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning? Now that folks that play it earn exclusive armour and weapons for Mass Effect 3, I'd say everybody.

In a completely brilliant marketing move, BioWare and 38 Studios have inexorably linked the incredibly popular Mass Effect series with the new and untested Kingdoms of Amalur series. Downloading and completing the demo for the fledgling RPG franchise unlocks a pair of striking in-game items in the full version of Mass Effect 3.

The Reckoner Knight armour brings the pain up-close while enhancing projectile speed for ranged weapons, earned by simply downloading and playing the Reckoning demo. To earn the disc-spitting Chakram Launcher you'll have to finish the demo and sit through a brief movie.

In exchange, BioWare is lacing the upcoming Mass Effect 3 demo with in-game items for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, a fact I'm sure will drive plenty of Amalur fans to try Mass Effect for the first time. Actually it might work the other way around in this instance. That N7-inspired armour is damn sexy, and the Onmiblade Daggers are just what this rogue-at-heart needs to get pleasantly pokey up in here.

I bet Curt Schilling is just thrilled.

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to deliver this massive one-two punch with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Mass Effect 3. We wanted to provide fans of the Mass Effect franchise with a unique set of rewards for diving into the expansive universe of Reckoning," said Curt Schilling, Chairman and Founder of 38 Studios via official press release.

BioWare co-founder Dr Ray Muzyka is on the record as being excited. And heck, I'm excited too. I was planning on downloading both demos anyway, and now I'll have pretty things to show for it. What a perfectly lovely way for new franchise to gain a boost from an old, and all without costing the consumer anything more than bandwidth and hard drive space.

The Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo drops January 17. The full game drops March 6.


    Whilst I don't exactly like the look of the design, getting it free for playing a demo?

    Hey, I was going to play the demo because I'm interested in the game, thank you very much.

    Is this a preview of the attitude Amalur is going to continue to get?

      No, THANK YOU! ;-)

    You and your assumptions mike, Kingdoms is second on my list for games this year, this MIGHT get me to play the ME3 demo.

    What ever happend to this female trailer they wore making of Me3?

    I love the fact these are items for TRYING the game, not preordering the game.
    It encourages people to sample the other game without requiring people to buy it.
    I predict great success.

    Just a correction, Kingdoms releases on February 7, not March 6.

    ridiculous armour designs. fuck this shit.

    Surely metal armour would just ruin the atmosphere/immersion/theme of mass effect. It's like having Ezio pop into a James Bond movie.

    I wasn't going to play the Amalur demo because I've already pre-ordered it. But now I'll play it after all!

    Demo is great but Kingdoms is released the same day as ME3? Thinking that may hurt immediate sales a bit for a new untested series.

    Well played, guys. I haven't heard of Amalur before now, but I'll definitely try the demo. But I already know for sure I'm buying ME3, if I wind up liking Amalur so much I buy it I have to have played the ME3 demo just to get the Amalur bonuses? :P

    Is this console specific? Or will it be available on PC too?

      The Dragon Age stuff they did last year worked across all platforms.

    Looking forward to my Shepard drinking shots though the helm of this armour.


    ADVERTAINMENT FUNDED DLC, coming to an everything near you.

    Least they're trying. Pity they' forgot it has been done previously with hats. and in ME2, and well with HATSS

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