Mass Effect 3 + Kinect Looks Like This

Mass Effect 3 will use Kinect. But how, you ask, will that work? How dorky will I sound yelling things at my TV set? Watch this clip to find out.

[KOTAKU AU: The video has been removed from YouTube. We'll hunt around for another one.]

It's...well, it doesn't look too bad! Though these commands are all rather sterile. How well it works with my eyes full of tears or my heart racing could be a different story entirely.


    More importantly, will it be used for the romance sections?

    And this better not be like Forza 4. I normally don't go for 1000/1000, but I do for Mass Effect - and if there's a Kinect achievement like in F4, I won't be happy.

    Trailer seems to working fine on the US site, though it is more about praising the Kinect PR rep style.

    I can see myself using it in conversations if it makes me feel more immersed but I doubt I would find it very useful in combat.

      I could see it being useful in combat. Not so much for what I'd do as Shepherd but for telling (read: yelling at) my teammates to get off their thumbs and do something.

    No dry humping the ME3 box once you finally get it, kinect is watching!

    Move along, Nothing to see here, just some crazy people yelling at a screen....

    the trailer thingy actually makes me not want to use it. More cumbersome way of doing things than the tried and true click. Besides how often in the real world do you have to yell out a guns name to use it?

      I yell at my penis sometimes.

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