Mass Effect 3 Requires Origin, No Steam Launch

In today's edition of "News You Saw Coming", BioWare's community coordinator, Chris Priestly, has told Mass Effect fans that Commander Shepard's epic quest to save Earth from the reapers will not take place on Steam due to the set of "restrictive terms of service", which also led to EA pulling ttles like Crysis 2 and Dragon Age 2 from Steam last year.

During initial release, Mass Effect 3 will be available on Origin and a number of other 3rd party digital retailers, but not on Steam at this time. Steam has adopted a set of restrictive terms of service which limit how developers interact with customers to deliver patches and other downloadable content.

We are intent on providing Mass Effect to players with the best possible experience no matter where they purchase or play their game, and are happy to partner with any download service that does not restrict our ability to connect directly with our consumers.

Better yet, he let it be known that Origin is required for any and all copies of Mass Effect 3 on PC in order to be activated:

Origin is required for the PC versions of Mass Effect 3, both physical and digital. Mass Effect 3 will require a one-time, single authorisation for the single player game. There is no limit to the number of installs. Playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer will require a constant connection.

He also assured users that Origin was not spyware:

Origin is not spyware, and does not use or install spyware on user's machines. In order to allow Origin to install games and their patches for everyone to use, Origin implements a permission change that results in Windows, not Origin, reviewing the filenames in the ProgramData/Origin folder. This is an ordinary Windows function, not an information-gathering process.

So there you have it. Mass Effect 3 will only be available on Origin and a number of third-party digital retailers and you need Origin no matter what to activate the game. The good news is that Origin is not watching you sleep...


Mass Effect 3 for PC Will Not Be Available on Steam [RipTen]


    Do not care. Origin Works fine.

      ^ This. Do not understand all the hoo-hah about how bad Origin is. I have only ever had one problem with it, as it was closing by itself when friends were loading after a patch but they fixed that within the next 48 hours.

      Still buying this Day One on PC and 360.

        Origin does not work fine - it constantly bricks up, needs updates, runs slowly, and adds lag to my online multiplayer for BF3. Only game i cannot play online without lag when my monthly download quota runs out and my internet bandwidth is reduced.

          Not surprised that it needs updates... I mean then wouldn't you be complaining that they weren't adding new features or making it better?

          Regards to lag and not being able to play BF3 when capped - maybe that would be most likely caused by BF3 itself rather then origin. If you are getting some lag when your not capped, i don't know why you would expect it to play when you are capped?

            I have had it to the point where Origin doesn't wish to sign in on shaped (256k) internet, when Steam is fine & signs in instantly as if I wasn't shaped. Figure that out.

            No lag when not capped (not including the odd server side bit of lag which everyone gets from time to time), too much lag when capped.

        I think one of the reasons people hate Origin, is because it effectively splits the gaming community. Before, everyone was just on Steam. But now there's a few awesome games that are only on this other thing (Origin).

      Origin is pitiful, why anyone would stick up for it is beyond me. The number one reason I refuse to buy BF3 for the PC. EA should learn from the saying "If you can't beat them, join them." and give in to Steam.

        Wow, not sure if idiot or fool....

        Perhaps your new to economics and don't understand how competition works.

          Except EA haven't done anything except hold back recent titles from Steam. They haven't improved on anything Steam does and they don't offer better pricing.

          Last I checked market competition was based around quality of service and not trying to force people to use your service where there is not a single benefit whatsoever for the consumer.

      Except for when you own a game purchased from the EA store but it never installs properly on any computer and EA support have no suggestions beyond reinstalling Origin or your OS and when that doesn't work they offer no more solutions and won't refund your money.

        It does also offer several extremely popular exclusive games though.

          If they work and you don't run into a situation like mine and if EA don't decide to cancel your access to your purchased licence for any reason they see fit...

          Yeah, those exclusives are totally worth it...

            If it doesnt work / install make an official complaint to the ACCC since the product was not as how advertised. Watch how quickly they refund your game.

              Having been through the ACCC to deal with Telstra issues that was regarding several hundred dollars and how long that took I don't think it's gonna be much easier for a $40 purchase involving a company not located in Australia.

              Either way I already bought the game again during a Steam sale...that version worked fine. But I've learnt never to trust EA clients again. It also didn't help that it took 3 hours to get my copy of BF2 (with all DLC) up and running again even though I'd purchased it for the full $100 several years ago.

              EA and whatever they call their online client can stick it. They won't see another cent from me.

                ah fair enough. But EA has an Australian operation thats how they have a website which can only be obtained by being a registered company in Australia. Their office is just down the road from me. ill deliver a them a message for you "Dear EA, FUCK YOU! Regards Chazz"

                  hmm for some reason work and home have different names. How interesting.

      Ditto, havn't had a single problem with Origina, hell i even went out and bought a second hand copy of the CE edition of Mass Effect 2 on PC and loved it. (as long as it imports my previous games properly i dont care which system it runs on)

    Looks like I won't have to purchase ME3 then. Thanks for saving me the money EA.

      You realise that nobody was forcing you to buy the game even if it did come out on Steam? Seems kind of silly to thank them doesn't it?
      Unless, of course, you're actually bitter about this all and are just doing the standard passive-aggressive sulking response. Others include "[insert series] hasn't been good since [insert iteration] anyway" or "there are much better games coming out anyway".

        See my above comment about EA and their online client/s regarding not being able to use my legit copy of Bad Company 2. The "thanks" was also intended in the sarcastic manner.

          I know it was sarcastic, hence my quip about passive-aggressive responses.

            Well I blame text and it's inability to convey sarcasm! That and my lack of pants...have you seen my pants?

              Haha, I've made plenty of sarcasm-related mistakes on the internet myself. I can't say I've seen your pants, I'm afraid. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you.

                Much obliged, squire. Boot cut jeans, frayed at the bottoms, answers to the name of Javier.

    Console purchase or no purchase now... hmmmm? Not sure.

      In this day and age 'no purchase' doesn't necessarily mean 'no play' ;)

    Probably wasn't going to play the latest installment of 'Same Sex Dating Sim in Space' anyway, this is just another reason not to.

      ... seriously? It's *that* big of a deal for you?

        Its that big a deal for me, I have BF3 on Origin and every 2 weeks it will randomly pick a reason I cant play.

        This week it said my login was invalid even though I could sign into Battlelog with the same details, last month it deleted ALL my games from my list and it took them 3 days to put them back on my list.

        They said it was an unforseen consequence of the update?!

        Its just abysmal. The worst part is battlefield 3 doesn't even need it to function at all, there is a crack that works online and completely ignores origin. Why do we need it? What is the benefit?

        All you people who defend it saying, Why not? I ask Why should I? They are trying to catch flies with vinegar instead of honey.

        Steam became big because it added to the gaming experience.

          i have the same problem and the server maintenance is so annoying. If you take the servers offline you make it so i dont have to authenticate that way i can enjoy the game i purchased at the time i want.
          steam on the other hand allows you to plain the games even if it goes down. steam does go down but you only really lose purchasing ability and ghosting in chat in CS 1.6 ability.

      ...I have no words for this comment. Except for sincerely hoping that you are trolling.

      Otherwise... no words, sir. Just a whole lot of facepalm.

    Still not in the market for another games library.

    It's like the days before VLC player when you had to have Quicktime, Windows Media Player, Real Player and Divx all installed on your computer.

      Exactly, 380+ steam games here. I can't be assed with origin especially when steamplay allows me to run some of the games on my mac pro and mac laptop without having to buy another copy.

      Saves me any disappointment I guess, the arrival was craptastic and I felt dirty buying EA games even though bioware are the devs...

        Wow I read the first 11 words and thought classic Mac user. Then what followed was epic lols.

      ^ This. More unnecessary bloat.
      Already have one application, why do I need another to do the same thing?

      Overall Origin has been alright but sometimes it gets stuck in a synchronising loop while trying to launch BF3.
      And also, for the love of god, why does it keep telling me that it is still running, every time it is minimised to the task bar? I understood the first time!

    I went through quite a few digital content before I settled with steam, including stardock's impulse and direct to drive. I've since gotten most of that content on steam. After finally settling with a single content source, barring some particularly offensive behaviour from valve, I'm not about to fragment my services any further.

    One way or another, Origin won't be necessary to play any game I want to play on my computer in the long run.

    What a shame, guess I'm not getting ME3 then, to be honest I wasn't at all fond of the direction the series has been going anyway.

    Yeah as Akra said, I have no problem with Origin, it works fine. It's just a little annoying having two game libraries to maintain..

    Yeah, I don't really care anymore because I have it installed because of BF3 anyway. I heard somewhere that HL2 required Steam when it came out didn't it?

      But did Valve have their games on a service almost identical prior which they then just pulled and only to have them resurface a month or 2 later on their own service which was almost a clone in ways? No? I thought so.

        From what i understood EA didn't pull shit. Steam pulled it once they updated their EULA and requirements to be listed on steam that all DLC and patches for games sold on steam have to delivered through steam (or at least in the case of DLC be offered on steam but can be offered elsewhere). EA didn't do that with Crysis 2, with it having it's own patcher therefore steam axed it. Dragon Age 2 was pulled because DLC wasn't offered on the steam store so it was pulled.

        Personally i prefer Steam over Origin (except for the download speeds - seriously i have gotten far better speeds on origin then i have had on steam in the last 3-4 years) but it's far from perfect.

          Dirt 3 DLC came in after the update and isn't on Steam and afaik is only able to be purchased through GFWL.

            Have you tried purchasing and downloading any ME2 DLC?
            It's a bit of a joke.

      Yes HL2 caused controversy being tied to Steam, however EA is not Valve. Valve has proven that it is on the side of gamers worldwide. While all EA has proven over the years is that it will buy up all the devs it can, whip them to death, maximise their profit by minimising any long-term game support and pumping out sequel after crappy sequel.

      So trust them if you want, I'll stick with those that have earned our trust, I mean do you really believe the bullshit EA is spouting about Steam being restrictive with DLC? What a joke.

        Valve aren't some angelic saviour of gaming either. Case in point: TF2's steady decline into Battlefield Heroes.

          not really because bf heroes was shit and tf2 is still great.

    yeah EA is just as bad as THQ. They want to control/maximize the DLC purchases which is why I didn't buy ME1+2 on steam because the DLC wasn't available and had to be done through the bioware thingy with bioware points.

    I don't want to deal with that crap. Which is why even though THQ are bastards with the SR3 DLC, i still bought it because it was easy to on steam.

    EA - totaly addicted to "fail before release."

    Another issue i had with origin

    when i formatted my computer, to my dismay i found that i had to redownload 15gb of bf3 when it was already on a separate hdd.

    Thanks steam! for not needing me to redownload my 200gb library whenever i format

    Lets not forget that this is the same EA that says, "Bioware" is making the newest c&c game. I just can't get over how laughable that comment was. They are also responsible for me purchasing swtor and never playing it because they "include 30 days of game time" that you aren't able to use until you sign up for at least another month after that. The same EA that requires you to sign in to origin in order to play a game of bf3, even on a console.

    I'm done giving my money to these clowns. ME3 is apass for me.

      This is actually common practice for all MMO's and is not an EA exclusive thing.

      If you want to play your free month, register payment details, which will activate your 30 days free time, then immediately cancel your subscription. You wont be lined up to be billed and you will have 30 days free on your account.

      Just about every subscription based MMO in existance requires you to do the exact same thing, and alot of their FAQ pages actually explain these steps for you.

        Eve online lets you use your 30 days free without a sub

    I have never had a problem with Origin. I do not mind EA games on that service. When my 360 bricked I got ME2 on Origin and had no probs with it. I have since managed to get my 360s HD moved over to the new one, my saves are fine and I can now buy ME3 on the 360 when it comes out.

    If I never had a 360 I would still get this game on the PC. I LOVE the characters and the story, plus I want to find out what happens in then :D

      Plus I want to find out what happens in the end.

      That is what I meant to say.

    I have bf3 and origin. It does work fine.. i still dont like how i have to seperate my games. There are 4 games that i couldnt care if they were on steam or not - bf series, warcraft, diablo, elder scrolls.

    I agree that their reasons for not bringing it to Steam are bull but I really couldn't care less. I'm sure a fair amount of people have legitimate problems with Origin but it seems like the majority just like to complain. Origin works fine, and while it uses more resources than Steam, its effect on performance is still negligible, for me and my friends who play BF3 at least.
    Only issue is splitting my games library, which is easily fixed by going into Steam and clicking "Add non-Steam game".

    How is it worse than requiring Steam to install? A lot of fuss over nothing.

      because now we need steam, origin and Also don't think it'll stop here Activision will join in if it is successful along side other publishers like Ubisoft, THQ and Konami. Won't it be great having a dozen or so different services for PC games!

    Do you see Ford dealers selling brand new Holden Commodores? This seems like the same sort of deal to me.

      Well i am glad you like it then? Make sure you keep Steam, Origin, UPlay, GFWL, Activision's Service, Konami online, SOE,, THQ's service and more all up to date, you require each one to run your games and every publisher uses different currencies, friends lists, etc. Won't PC gaming be great!

      I can answer that. But I will assume you don't want me to?

        Lol kind of like the global car market ;)?

        I'm a console gamer where problems such as these do not exist but I'm sure its very frustrating for you.

          Actually there are Ford dealers who sell brand new Holdens or Toyotas or Subarus or whatever...and those names can all be switched what's your point?

      yet but you don't buy 25 new cars a year and maintain them all through one client or many so your comparrison is illogical.

      Steam is like a PSN or XBLive. But now there are several steam like services because MS does not force one system like the console manufacturers.

      THAT is why people are getting shatty, being forces to use one good service we will tolerate, believe in. Being forced to use 5 services, 1 good the others pointless is annoying and hence most peoples complaint.

      I also don't have to head over to a dealership every time I want to drive my car.

    EAs excuse of 'restrictive terms of service' is a con. EA sell dlc through in-game stores, thereby circumventing steam. I can see several reasons why steam would not want this to happen:
    a) it stops steam taking the percentage of the sale due to them for hosting the game & the enabling means for conducting the sales, and
    b) it does not allow steam oversight on what is being sold through its store. eg: (and i am exaggerating in the extreme for this for the sake of explanation) if EA release a dlc pack for ME2 called something like 'steam are pro-slavery and like to eat puppies mission pack' in which Shep gets a job at steam, whipping slaves on the graphically violent puppy disembowelment line...
    well... I can see how steam would not allow that on their service. But the way EA were conducting business, steam would not have the power to stop this. So I can understand why steam would want to have EA published games do business on steam like all the other publishers.

    In a related point, Steam apparently take a 30% cut of sales for everything sold through them. Fair enough. Thats just business. However, when EA sell through origin, there is no middleman to take that cut and selling through Origin is effectively 30% cheaper of EA... so why then are we paying the same price as we would be on steam? If EA sold through origin at 70% of the steam price, and took the same amount of profit, I might be inclined to consider using Origin.

    Final point, from what I've read regarding origins 'information-gathering' it's gonna take a bit more than one sentence from a PR guy to make me trust it.
    Oh, and if Origin requires an always-on internet connection, Im afraid thats a deal-breaker for me. one time activation is all good and fine, but if Im not intending to play online for multiplayer or something, I dont want to be forced to.

    tl;dr I'm on steam's side in this argument. I have reasons.

      PS hows this gonna affect save file transfer if I have ME1 and ME2 on steam?

        They will work. My ME1 is Steam and my ME2 is retail USA. The save files are the same on all versions. The files go to the same location because the game engine picks. All steam games don't store saves in the same place like the actual game install.

    I refuse to support Origin. They screw us over big time in terms of region pricing, the RRP of all the games is like $80-$90 for everything. Huge ripoff.

      And Steam doesn't?

        Valveare not the publisher that set the prices on Steam for other games. EA on the other hand have direct control of the pricing of their titles on Origin and continue to use region pricing.

          You tell him Chazz you tell him real good!

    simple solution is to buy boxed copy, bring it home, install the "scene" release and not have to deal with origin , win!

      "Origin is required for the PC versions of Mass Effect 3, both physical and digital. Mass Effect 3 will require a one-time, single authorisation for the single player game."

      get a boxed copy you still have to use origin...

    Don't see what you people are whining about. Origin works fine, and competition is good for gamers. Stop being blinded by your stupid fanboyism and actually try it before you start whining. Yeah we don't need to know you're not gonna buy ME3 because it is not on steam as millions of other people will and no one cares if your gonna buy it or not. Don't flatter yourself please, your not as important as you think you are.

      From one Lucas to another, nicely said mate.

      The only thing that is stupid about people's thoughts on the Origin situation is when people say "competition is good". I'll repost what I said to SilentWolf;

      "They haven’t improved on anything Steam does and they don’t offer better pricing."

      There is no competition. Therefore the only thing they offer gamers is more hassle by forcing their sub-par client upon them.

        Chazz for president! Glad there is someone around here able to exercise lateral and logical thought with respect to this particular issue.

    What I would like to know is, if I have been playing ME1-2 on steam, will I be able to use my progress/saves with ME3 on origin?

    Valve have made great strides in making the PC a viable gaming platform again by uniting the gamer community,supporting the indie devs and making gaming afordable(activision/ea price gouging aside). Steam hit 5million users at once not long ago with millions of active accounts - these figures are what keep developers interested. Fragmenting the community with the methods EA are using are doing nothing to help this.

    Why are we even explaining this shit?.....use your brains people.

    sad. looks like no ME3 for me.

    You will be able to use ME1 and ME 2 saves with ME3 on origin as i had non-steam ME1 and Steam ME2. Worked fine..

    If only there was a HUGE petiton about this...(coming from where Namco is starting to listen) Knowing EA though they would just ignore it nomatter how big it got.. Not only that but I dont think a petition would exactly get as high as numbers about this..

      I also wish to add i know quite a few people that wont buy it because of having to activate it on the net before it can be used.

      Thats good to know.

      A huge petition would be nice but I can see most people will just cave in and buy anyway to finish off the saga.

      I just wish EA would listen to it's customers. ...
      "We are intent on providing Mass Effect to players with the best possible experience no matter where they purchase or play their game"
      I want to play it on steam you drop kicks, get over yourselves.

        Didnt the story get leaked? If so they can read that to finish off the saga... And then buy it when EA pull their head in and give customers what they want...

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