Mass Effect Fans Fact-Check Mass Effect Novel, Find A Ton Of Errors

Mass Effect: Deception is the latest fictional spin-off from the sci-fi role-playing series, a novel due for release very soon. Previous novels in the franchise have been written by Drew Karpyshyn. This one, though, is written by a newcomer, William C. Dietz, and with some copies are already out there, fans are finding the thing is full of errors.

While some might be typos, and others a little too open for interpretation to be labelled as errors, others are glaring mistakes in the universe's canon, which you'd think would have been looked over by someone at BioWare before the book went to print.

Ah well, too late now! Know that I point this out not because I somehow revel in people making writing mistakes. As someone who does that daily, my house is made of very thin glass!

I point it out because the way these Mass Effect fans find and then express the errors are brilliant, and well worth a read.

Below are some examples:

5. Kai Leng kills a krogan by slicing into the back of its neck and severing the spine - Krogan biology doesn't work that way - 1) there is a large hump that makes access to the rear of the neck difficult, 2) most blades (save for a molecular blade) can't penetrate the thick hide covering the rear of the neck, 3) even if the spine was severed, the krogan still wouldn't die; instead of a human-like nervous system, it has a 2nd circulatory system with an electrically conductive fluid. [Error: Lore]

27. Two volus are described as wearing masks that don't completely cover their faces - This would result in instant death for a volus, as they must wear completely sealed enviro-suits that provide both the ammonia atmosphere and high pressure they require to survive, and keep them isolated from the oxygen-nitrogen mixture breathed by other species, which is poisonous to them. [Error: Lore]

32. The Dark Star is described inaccurately - It is said to be on the 28th floor of a generic skyscraper, and to have an excellent view of the Presidium ring. In addition, it is said to be a quiet place filled with people in formal wear and gaming machines and not the sort of place to find a "working stiff". In actuality, it is on the 28th level of Zakera Ward, has no view of the Presidium (though Zakera Ward itself does), is a loud dance club with no gambling and a place where you can talk to blue-collar folk, like the Presidium groundkeeper. [Error: Lore]

You can read the whole thing below.

Errors In Mass Effect: Deception [Google Docs, thanks Chad!]


    The entries he chose were the more nitpicky ones, but some of them are pretty major. I mean describing the Citadel as Star Shaped, an object that is a major part of the series is pretty bad. Not to mention a character who was homosexual now being straight, and another back from the dead with no explanation is pretty unforgivable for a story based franchise IMO

      I got the novel a day or so ago and I've been helping in Bioware forum thread.

      Though a lot of the errors are nitpicky (because some people get really deep into the lore) others are abysmally wrong.

      Things like... we can't tell what year the book is set in, because it contradicts itself twice. It doesn't fit anywhere in the timeline of the novels/games, because so many things are inconsistent.

      The Gillian/Hendel stuff is a sign of him just not bothering to check the characters, and it's frustrating.

      If you do a Google search for "mass effect citadel" and you look at an image from the front(?) where the arms of the citadel pointing at you...I can see how someone could describe it as looking like a star.


      Still, I thought BioWare were all about lore. They need to get things together, spend less time working on The Old Republic and give a bit more love to their other franchises.

    There seems to be an error in the Google Docs link.

    It should link to

    Damn, that Volus error is a pretty damn big one.
    I'm pretty sure one of the first Volus you come across in ME1 explains why he needs his suit to live.

    Okay, the link isn't working for me.

      me neither.

      found this link from a quick google search

    Could be worse. Could be a Star Wars expanded universe novel.

      In b4 parsec explanation.

        "Hey, lets expand on this 'universe' so we can sell more stuff.

        But lets just stick to what we know. So everything has to include a descendant or relative of Han, Leia or Skywalker.

        In a universe of billions."

        Friggin starwars.

    It's their own goddamn fault for reading a book that is based on a poorly realized video game universe. When you consider all the truly great sci-fi available in book form, reading game tie in novels is fucking sad.

      The Mass Effect Universe is actually well realised, but I'm guessing the authors of the novels don't have full access to the details they require (or simply don't care).

      Spin-off novels are nothing more than glorified fan0fic anyway. Even the Halo novels, which had support from Bungie and writers able to access the full Halo story bible (before it was turned over in it's entirety to 343 Industries), are pretty trashy.

        Well, the first three books were written by Drew Karpyshyn, who was one of the lead writers for the games, which is probably why there weren't (or were less obvious) mistakes than in the new book.

        And the worst of those Halo novels was written by some guy named William C. Dietz.

        Go figure.

          So basically Dietz is the Kevin J. Anderson of videogame novels.

          To be fair, the novel he wrote was an adaptation of Combat Evolved so he was pretty restricted plot-wise.

          And some of the Halo novels are pretty awesome in my opinion.

        I bloody love some of the Halo novels. Contact Harvest in particular is amazing.

        I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to read on the expanded universe of one's favourite game series.

      Poorly realized? it's one of the best examples of a sci-fi video game universe.

        I mean poorly realized in comparison to any sci-fi novel, by the standards of videogame sci-fi tropes ME does very well.

          Well if you're going to compare Mass Effect to Heinlein, Asimov and Clarke, then you have a point.

    And it probably still makes more sense than any of Helper's work.

    I doubt I'll pick up this one if it's not written by Drew Karpyshyn. By the sounds of things it's got some fairly decent problems which would make it non-cannon IMO.....

    So, these novels are all homo-erotic alien sex written by Hamburger Helpper, right?

      Are you seriously six years old?

        I doubt it, he is funny however.

        Lighten up, lifes to short to be a douche.

    As in you can't put it in a cannon and fire it? I'm sure you could if you tried.

    Everything has an extended universe now-a-days, to the point where I just stop caring.

    I enjoy mass effects setup, but the game does a fine job in living in its own little world. I never played it and thought "I wish they'd go more into this aspect of the lore"

    The only 'universe' I've continually come back to is the 40k universe (God help me I tried to go back to Skywalker Wars), simply because its versatile enough to accomidate a lot of artistic license.

    Some of these mistakes are hilariously bad though.

      As I have discovered, once you are in the 40K universe there is no way back out. Everything you read just drags you further in.

      There is enough material in there for several thousand movies and tv series. But hollywood would just destroy it.

        40k used to be interesting i guess but now it's so serious about being SUPER GRIM AND DARK that it's just farcical

    Wait until people see the retcon Bioware have done in ME3.

      Care to elaborate?

        This picture is a spoiler but it shows the direction Bioware are taking with established lore from the last two games.

    William c deitz is uwe bolls writing name

    Is that why it's called Mass Effect: Deception?

    The first novel about dragon age is a good one, i enjoyed it quite well, not sure about the second one, feels like dungeon crawling novel

    Quite anticipating the third one, since its based on dragon age 2

      Asunder is my favourite of the three, he gets deeper into the mage-templar conflict than was possible in the games.

    It looks like he decided to write a book and couldn't be arsed doing any of the research involved.

    i'm sorry mass effect fans, but the image of comic book guy is so true, can't the explanation just be "aliens" or "lasers" or something?

      After all, we are talking about the third installment of a space dating sim here...

    I'm imagining the awkward guy at the Blizzcon Lore panel typing out every one of these.

    This isn't doing anything to alleviate my Mass Effect 3 doubts and fears...

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