Mass Effect Sets Record For Most Expensive DLC

Four series of Mass Effect figurines being offered by Big Fish games are certainly nice enough collector's items. They also come with a card (one per figure) promising "access to downloadable in-game content". One figurine is $US17.99; a set of four is $US67.99. All four, then, is $US271.96, or about 32,000 Microsoft points. Ouch.

Just two of the series (and their constituent figurines) are listed for sale as of now. That would be Tali, Thane, Grunt and Shepard in series one (currently backordered) and Miranda, Mordin, Legion and Garrus in series two.

What the hell kind of DLC do you get for this? Who knows. "Each figure contains different in-game content, exclusive to North American released product," says Big Fish, so you're SOL, Europe. "Collect all eight for the full experience!"

Since when did Mass Effect decide it was cool to go all Skylanders on us?

EA and Bioware plant DLC into figurines for Mass Effect 3 [NeoGAF]


    "exclusive to North American released product"

    Are you fucking kidding me? Fucking asshole Americans.

      Make a US account and redeem the code on that account and were you willing to spend that much which will most likely be a different costume or weapon

    I'm getting really sick of all this extra pre-order stuff for mass effect. i love the games, ive pre-ordered the collectors edition and you still keep making all this extra content i can't even get.
    dammit i just want to pay the money and get the full game with all the extra content, not have to put up with all this "exclusive" crap.

    It's in the bank!

      I got that one, absolutely brilliant :D

    Stop buying bioware products.

    I already have the Tali figure, so do I still get the DLC?

    I want to pre order the big T-800 thing at the end of ME2 as a skin for the Shep.

    Remember when BioWare cared more about their products than money?

      I know, man. Imagine what KoTOR would look like if it came out today.

      It's like watching a car crash. We all knew it would happen when EA showed up, but we couldn't do anything to stop it...

      They're not just doing this for money........they're doing it for a S**T load of money!

      After the whole Red/Green zone thing with The Old Republic, I decided to let myself buy ME3 and DA3, and then say goodby to 'em.

      So this is me, getting out.

    hardly the most expensive... i know of 1 that is defiantly more (especially if you include all DLC available)

    Railworks game $39.99 USD + all DLC $1619.13 USD

    I'm sure there is a game with even more DLC available (Probably a Free to Play game)

      MSFlight Sim X has a lot of paid for dlc, and that before you include all the paid dlc for it not released by MS.

    Yeah, this is pretty... crappy. Skylanders had the feel of collecting trading cards. This just feels like a kick in the crotch.

    Maybe this is why I still haven't bothered pre-ordering ME3. I've finished 1 and 2 mutliple times but I'm waiting for the final word on ME3 before I pick it up.
    Besides all these exclusives will be available in a big costly pack within 6 months. So I'm thinking I'll wait for it to be the Deal of the week and grab it all at once.

    “Collect all eight for the full experience!”

    That's the most egregious thing about this. You're telling me that because I only paid $50-$90 for ME3 vanilla, I'm not getting the full experience? What about the person who only collects 7/8 (let's say they give away 1 figurine and associated DLC code).

    By all means, add value to your product for the consumers out there who can't get enough of it, LucasArts have perfected this for over 3 decades now. But don't discriminate against those who don't care, or are unable to get this stuff.

    Damn, I've already pre-ordered the CE that cost me around $230 all because I live in Brazil. Don't get me wrong, I love my country and all, but some laws and the taxes about importing stuff just pisses me off. And they just keep announcing those (pricey) extra pre-order products... (wish I was incredible rich)

    The "I used to be part of the community, ..." fits perfectly right now... =/

    First the Origin exclusive bullshit and now this? Good going EA.

    Easy fix. Stop buying this stuff and the company would no longer do it.

    Serves me right for pre-ordering I guess.

    Can always wait for any extra DLC to be available on BT.

    Nice work EA - screw over a loyal customer.

    If there are 8 figures, and you can get a set of 4 for $68, surely are only looking at $136 to buy the two sets of four, or $144 if you buy them individually.

      There are going to be four series' of four figurines, but there are only the two up for sale at the moment.

    What did you expect, it's made by EA...

    You might want to check your facts, Kotaku...

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