Mass Effect’s Newest Cast Member Kicks Off New Dark Horse Comics Series

Thanks to previous mini-series, Mass Effect fans have been able to learn more about characters like The Illusive Man and Aria T'Loak. Now the fauxhawked soldier who'll be running alongside your Commander Shepard gets the spotlight in the first issue of the new Mass Effect: Homeworlds series. You can take an exclusive look at issue one's covers in the images above. Written by Mass Effect 3 lead writer Mac Walters, each instalment of Homeworlds will focus on one of the main characters of the game. You can look for Mass Effect: Homeworlds to hit comics shops and digital storefronts this April.


    Must ... stop ... reading ... information ... about ... mass .... effect ....3 . Im so bloody anxious for this game everytime i read more info it makes me more anxious for it.

      dont be anxious bro mass effect has been going downhill ever since drew karpshyn left as lead writer and bioware pretty much everythign bioware has put out since being purchased by EA has sucked terribly (and yes this includes TOR banning people for exploring thier wow clone do they have no shame)

        Um... he still works there.

    I want to see the panel that comes after the second one.... where dudebros arms explode! :p

    He's so EXTREME. He has TATTOOS and a MOHAWAK and a GOATEE. I'll bet the next panel involves him skateboarding off of the Normandy.

    Wow, so Bioware are using the cast of Jersey Shore as inspiration for character design now. Interesting...

    Echoing Greg's statements, the quality of Mass Effect's writing has taken a nosedive since Drew Karpyshyn (lead writer for Mass Effect) was sent to work on TOR. Unfortunately he's responsible for most of the EU material which is also pretty poor in my opinion. I never cared for Mac's "humans are special" theme in ME2 and I wish I could erase my memories of fighting the "human reaper" from my mind.

    I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favourite overused funny then annoying MEME on the Interwebnets.

    I have to say I've enjoyed both games, even with the slight Nerfing of ME2, but unless Bioware REALLY fucked up, we should be in for a big ending, whether they give in to EA's "make it as marketable as possible! Mirror's Edge still has us in debt!" or not.

    Although Jersey Shore Of The Cosmic Ocean up there DOES worry me.

      Jersey Shore of the Cosmic Ocean is a wonderful name :D

      He does have significantly more depth, from what I've read from the leaked information. While the character might be a not-so-subtle attempt to grab a certain type of gung-ho macho fauxhawk tattoo loving audience (o_O), his story is interesting enough and he has a lot of good interaction with other characters.

      They really upped the banter quota for ME3, most of it on the Normandy I think, and he has some awesome lines.

    >implying he's not supposed to be an imitation of Soap McTavish from Modern Warfare.

    I preferred the way he looked in the original teaser for know...British and professional.

    Hey look, it's Soap.

    lol neck tattoos and jersey shore submental haircuts are so representative of the 22nd century, aka dudebro century!

    can't wait to play gears of call of mass honor.

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