Max Payne 3 Delayed

Originally planned for a March 2012, Rockstar Games revealed this morning that the game will get a new launch window.

[AU UPDATE: Max Payne 3 will be released on May 15 in the US and May 18 internationally.]

In Max Payne 3, players go to São Paulo, Brazil, where the game is set.

Remedy Entertainment, creators of the original Max Payne, recently said what Rockstar Games has done with Max Payne 3 is brilliant. It does feature what sounds like very cool multiplayer.

The game is expected to be out May 2012.


    The first time the game was delayed it came back with a few elements lifted from Max Payne 2 and the original voice actor to try and win over the people who actually played the first two games...
    ...maybe after *this* delay they'll bring back Sam Lake?

    mmm, doubt it. Maybe we'll at least get some boxart that doesn't look like a GTA expansion?

    /bitter whiny rant

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