Max Payne 3 Out May 18 In Australia

While Max Payne 3 may not be meeting its original intended release date, it has been announced that the game will be hitting Aussie shores on May 18.

Our friends in the US will be a few days ahead of us, with the game arriving for PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 15. The rest of the world will be waiting until May 18, and those who want the PC version will have to wait a bit longer again: May 29 for North America, June 1 for everyone else.

Just to get a feeler out there: how highly are people anticipating Max Payne 3? Have you been impressed by what you've seen and heard about the game so far, or is it all needless hype? Let us know!


    I'm not really hanging for this game at all. I think it'll be one I wait for Steam or some other download site sale before buying

      Me too. If it was still Remedy doing it then I'd be a lot more interested, I love the way the previous two games were written. I'm never really excited by Rockstar's games and I have strong doubts they can come close to pulling off the feel of the original two entries in the series.

    Just realised how much Max Payne and Nathan Drake look alike in the pictures at the top of Kotaku.

    I reckon it's a great IP and Rockstar really know what they're doing, so I'm sure it'll be great. Really looking forward to hearing what it's like.

    I will get this for sure. In saying that Ive seen nothing about the game at all.. no videos or anything. I have so many other quality games waiting to be played I wont be getting it for ages.

    Honestly, it looks like Max Payne gameplay meets Man on Fire or something like that. I dig it.

    I don't believe Rock Star have ever had a title that has dissappointed GTA, BULLY, Red Dead, L.A. Noire were all great I don't mind the wait, looking very forward for this release.

    People had doubts about Red Dead...and, for the majority, it delivered in a big way.I think Max Payne 3 will (please, please...fingers crossed) do the same.

    I'm not a fan of the delayed PC release to boost console sales.
    Let's hope it doesn't turn out like Batman: AC.

      And there I was assuming PC versions took longer because they need to make sure they work with a thousand different hardware configurations.

        I think Beavwa is actually correct. Sure there's a bit of fiddling to do to get the PC version out the door, but the short delay is most probably to allow the console versions to start moving and gain some momentum before PC pirates have a chance to undermine sales. I don't blame them, and I don't mind waiting a couple of weeks. It's only really annoying when it stretches to months.

        I don't think two weeks is going to make the difference there over several years of development.
        But that will be the standard PR excuse trotted out if anyone asks.

    Why do i not care about this game? Not playing the first 2 probably has a lot to do with it.

    Rockstar, just hurry up with this game so you can concentrate on GTA V and a sequel to Bully.

    I've got the collectors edition preordered on 360. I'm yet to be disappointed by a rockstar game this generation.
    Plus the original max Payne games were badass!!

    Really really looking forward to getting the PC Version. Max Payne 2 was my favourite game for a long time, and it still holds up today.

    I love Rockstar but I'm not really hyped about it. I skipped LA Noire and I'll probably skip this, buy that's mainly because I've never played Max Payne and have no story background to suck me in.


      I'm with Shiggy. Loved #1 & 2, preordered the special edition of #3 just for the statue ^_^ Hopefully it's good, but if it's not, like I said: statue.

    I'm really keen, mainly because of the setting. I lived in Sao Pualo so I am very excited to see what they have done with the city. I am also a bit of a Rockstar fanboy, everything they touch seems to turn to gold.

    I'm really looking forward to this. I play through the original games about once a year, they're 2 of my favourites.

    Even if it doesn't feel exactly like a MP game, I really like 3rd person stylish shooter type games so I'm bound to love this too.

    I put a lot of hours into Stranglehold, Total Overdose and Chilli Con Carnage. They were perfect for playing an hour or so at work during lunchtime.

      Total Overdose was the bees knees, but I don't see very many people recognizing it as such. *high five*

    Personally I cant wait for this game! Max payne fuckin rocks!!

    Balls... Was hoping was only being delayed a week or so... better than it being rushed to retail tho I guess. Prob the only game I'm excited for in the near future.

    I love Rockstar, but using Red Dead Redemption as an example of their prowess is ridiculous. That game was all style and no substance, as was GTA4 to a lesser extent. Great style, but you quickly come to realise that's all there is, and you are inhabiting a dead world. Max Payne 3 looks like it addresses these issues, but it's a linear 3rd person shooter. I hope to see that movement and targeting in GTA5, as well as some melee combat that isn't a joke. And a story. And something to do apart from bowling.

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